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What to do in Rio De Janeiro


Holiday makers love to come to Rio de Janeiro for numerous reasons, including the relaxed and easy-going atmosphere, as well as beach lifestyle. The sun-soaked city has plenty to offer from lazy afternoons on Copacabana Beach to samba dance on the streets during the Carnival in February and fantastic choice of dining places, cafes and night clubs. In search of the good life, the holiday makers are advised to get one of the cheap car rentals provided by the car rental companies that can bring them to all parts of the city and on interesting daily trips. So what to do in Rio de Janeiro?


Listen to Music

The city of Rio de Janeiro is home to three important musical genres – choro, samba and bossa nova. During the recent years there has been a boom in the traditional venues and dance schools for samba and choro. Many of these are placed in the downtown neighborhood of Lapa. In some of the clubs there can be seen and listened to some of the best musicians in Brazil.


As a big city, Rio de Janeiro features small and big clubs that play all kinds of music. The local underground scene is rich in rock, rap and e-music. The best place to find out those places is from the flyers that are left in the hostels, nightclubs, theater and cinema lobbies.


Attend a New Year’s Eve Celebration

On New Year’s Eve in the city of Rio de Janeiro is organized one of the best and most spectacular celebrations. Every year are lit huge fireworks and are organized fabulous and free music shows of local and international musicians that aim to attract more than 2 million people on the sands of Copacabana beach. As a rule locals dress in white and toast the arrival of the new year for luck.


Enjoy the Rio Carnival

Rio Carnival is organized every February and lasts for two weeks. During the Carnival the samba schools are presenting their new dances on a street parade held in the Centro neighborhood. The samba schools dance on a gigantic structure which is named Sambadrome. Street parades are organized in other parts of the city too. In order to enjoy all of them and make most of the Carnival in Rio, travelers usually get an affordable car hire.


Samba shows are very popular during the other periods of the year as well and they are in the focus of many people who head towards Rio de Janeiro.


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