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Car Rental Pittsburgh Airport

Pittsburgh skyline panorama

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Pittsburgh is the 2nd largest city in the state of Pennsylvania. It is known as both the ‘steel city’ for its 300 steel-related businesses, and also the ‘city of bridges’ for its 446 state of the art bridges.

Along with its thriving industry and economy, Pittsburgh is also well-renowned for its numerous museums, cafés, art galleries and parks. It has a wide cultural diversity and has more bars and restaurants per capita than any other city in the US.

Because of this, it is one of the most widely loved cities in the US and is a popular location for both US visitors and foreign tourists alike.

Arriving Pittsburgh Airport

Pittsburgh International Airport is widely recognized as one of the worlds most modern and technically advanced airports boasting large terminals and numerous restaurants and shopping outlets.

It services all major US airlines with around 50% of its flights dedicated to US Airways. It has also been named the best airport in the US in many industry polls.

The airport offers extremely efficient and affordable valet parking and taxi cabs can be expected to charge around $15-$20 dollars to take you from the airport to downtown Pittsburgh.

Driving In Pittsburgh

With its many winding streets, along with its plentiful hills and valleys, Pittsburgh is a beautiful and extremely scenic city. Unfortunately, because of these features, it is also notoriously difficult to navigate.

While you will just about manage with a conventional map of the city, or with your satellite navigation system, an insider tip to successfully navigating Pittsburgh is to purchase a resource called ‘Pittsburgh Figured Out’.

This publication has been produced by Pittsburgh locals to offer the easiest navigation routes for city visitors and is available from most book stores within the city and its surrounding areas.

Pittsburgh Driving Tips

  • Many of Pittsburgh’s entrance and exit ramps have stop signs instead of give-way signs. Pittsburgher’s will often come to a full stop prior to slowly merging, even on ramps that do have give-way signs.
  • Pittsburgh is a notoriously ‘slow-moving’ city. Be prepared for careful driving and slower traffic than you might normally be familiar with.
  • Many roads in Pittsburgh are two lanes wide, with narrow to non-existent shoulders and lots of twists and turns. Watch out for blind turns into corners and the many joggers, cyclists and pedestrians who may be hiding behind them.

Things To Do In Pittsburgh

  • Go bike shopping at Bicycle Heaven – The largest bicycle shop in the world.
  • The Strip – Inundated with bars, restaurants, shows and family attractions, there is something for everybody to enjoy at Pittsburgh’s ‘The Strip’.
  • National Avery – A collection of over 600 exotic and endangered birds from every continent – perfect for families.

Restaurants In Pittsburgh – Popular With Visitors

  • Istanbul Sofra – 7606 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15221
  • Central Diner and Grille – 6408 Steubenville Pike, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Pamela’s Diner – 60 21st St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222