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Tulsa Airport Car Rental

Downtown Tulsa

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Tulsa, Oklahoma

The second largest city in Oklahoma, Tulsa was nicked named the Oil Capital of the world through most of the 20th century. Originally settle by the Creek Native Americans in 1830 from Alabama as part of the “Indian Removal Act”. Seated on the Arkansas River and at the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, Tulsa is surrounded by beautiful nature views. There are plenty of things to see in Tulsa, from over one hundred and forty parks, world class attractions, the Tulsa zoo, and all the southern comfort food you could ever want.

Arriving at Tulsa Airport

The Tulsa International Airport is a civil-military shared airport that is located roughly five miles outside of the city. The airport itself is fairly easy to navigate with only two concourses housing all the terminals. After security check you will either go down the wing to the right or left to find your gate. Upon arrival the baggage claims are straight across the airport, and right next to arrival pick up. There are quite a few places to grab a bite to eat through out the airport  well as a few gift shops.

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Should you be unable to get a vehicle, there are airport shuttles and taxis available.

Driving in Tulsa

Driving in Tulsa is just like driving in any other big city. These tips will make getting around the area easier.

  • Drive defensively.
  • Turn parking lights on to make yourself more visible.
  • Avoid the city center on weekends and during rush hour.
  • Try to be doing something other than driving during rush hour.
  • Be on the look out for random one way streets.
  • On freeways and highways keep right except to pass.
  • Keep up with the flow of traffic.
  • Always pre-navigate your route so you don’t waste time looking for your destination.
  • Do not store any valuables in your car.
  • Look up what areas of the city to avoid before you go.

Things to do in Tulsa

  • Philbrook Museum– Wander around the beautiful grounds for awhile and then go inside to see gorgeous works of art in a historical building. The number one thing to do in Tulsa for a reason, the immense beauty of this place will take your breath away.
  • LaFortune Park– The park is beautiful and has many different areas of activities for everyone. LaFourtune Park offers a large golf course, tennis courts, playgrounds, trails, and picnic tables. A perfect way to unwind after days of sightseeing.
  • Center of the Universe– Claiming to be the center of the universe you might as well stop here just in case they’re telling the truth. If it is the center of the universe, then you have a interesting story to tell when you get back home.

Places to eat in Tulsa

  • The Chalkboard 1324 South Main, Tulsa, OK (14th Street). A classy restaurant with a welcoming atmosphere, this is a great place to go for dinner. The food here is excellent, along with the cocktails. Prices vary depending on what you order, but it’s generally not considered inexpensive to eat here.
  • Burn Co. BBQ– 1738 S. Boston Ave, Tulsa, OK 74119. The best BBQ in town, according to the locals. The Midwest is known for it’s BBQ so you do not want to miss out on eating here. Burn Co. BBQ serves all the classic dishes with all of the beloved sides.
  • Doc’s Wine & Food– 3509 South Peoria Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74105. A fabulous drink, served alongside an exquisite dinner is just what the doctor ordered, and is exactly what you’ll find here. Raving reviews express the pleasant service, atmosphere, and substance that you will experience while dinning at Doc’s.