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Pensacola Airport Car Rental

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Pensacola Airport Car Rental, compare top companies prices, and find the best deal for your rental.

Pensacola, Florida

The western most city located in the Florida panhandle, Pensacola is a thriving sea port with a sprawling metropolitan area. A large Naval Air Station is located near here, and is where the Blue Angles do there demonstrations yearly. The University of Florida is also situated in Pensacola, just to the North of the city. Also nicked named “White Beaches” gives travelers an idea of what to expect from here. Beautiful beaches with premium white sand, and crystal clear waters await.

Arriving at Pensacola Airport

The Pensacola International Airport is fairly easy to navigate. The first floor has check in, and baggage claims. The second floor houses all terminals, security checks, as well as dinning options. The baggage claim leads straight to the car park and main exit, making arrival less chaotic.

When returning to catch your departing flight, it is advised to show up two hours prior to departure. If you end up with an excessive amount of extra time, shopping and dinning options are available to entertain you.

When traveling to Pensacola, the best way to ensure you see everything is to rent a car. If you have not chosen a place to rent a vehicle yet, airportcarrental365 is a great place to get a deal on your car.

Should you be unable to obtain a car there are regular airport shuttles, and taxis available to use.

Driving in Pensacola

Driving in Pensacola can be tricky, just like any large city. These driving tips will make navigating the roads less stressful.

  • Keep right except to pass.
  • People on the right have the right of way, unless otherwise directed.
  • There are a lot of one way roads, look for one way signs in the heart of the city.
  • Avoid areas around Warrington, these are not places for tourists to visit.
  • Seat belts must be worn at all times.
  • Using a cell phone while driving is illegal.
  • Children under 4.5 ft must be in the back seat and with a car seat or booster.
  • People already in roundabouts have the right of way.
  • You have a free right turn on red, if no oncoming traffic is approaching.
  • Do not store any valuables in your car
  • Always pre-navigate your route.
  • Pensacola Park First offers a map of available parking depending on your destination.

Things to do in Pensacola

  • National Naval Aviation Museum– This is a perfect day trip to get a glimpse of the aircraft’s used by the service men and women. There are a lot of hands on displays where you can climb into the cockpit of jets and experience first hand what it feels like to be in the pilots seat.
  • Go Retro– Go retro tours are very unique, riding in a 1930’s trolley or bus may not sound as fun in the hot and humid climate. The buses are revamped and equipped with air conditioning, comfy seats, and ample leg room. A better way to explore the city than wandering around or navigating each site. You will see a lot more and receive interesting commentary on the area.
  • Santa Rosa Island– Known by locals as Pensacola beach, visitors will love the white sandy beaches. Perfect turquoise waters offer a swimming oasis. Before entering the water always check the tide conditions. Ripe currents and undertows are a serious problem. When in doubt don’t go out is a common beach motto. Always look up shark activity, it’s rare but it never hurts to double check there wasn’t a recent spotting.

Places to eat in Pensacola

  • Carmen’s407-B South Palafox Street, Pensacola, FL 32502.  A Fabulous restaurant with raving reviews on food, service, and atmosphere. The food is rich and flavorful, served in gracious quantities for a reasonable price. All plates are presented beautifully and with exceptional service.
  • Another Broken egg Cafe– 721 East Gregory St, Pensacola, FL 32502. One of he best places to grab a hearty breakfast in Pensacola. The food is wonderful, and the amount is enough to fuel you through the afternoon. Quirky and unique, Another Broken Egg offers all your favorite breakfast dishes with pleasant service.
  • Five Sisters Blues Cafe– 421 W. Belmont St., Pensacola, FL 32501. The very definition of “soul food” the Fives Sisters Blues Cafe with open a whole new world of dishes to visitors from out of town. After eating here your taste buds will nevr be the same. The food created here is Phenomenal and you will fall in love with it, just as the rest of the South has.