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Nashville Airport Car Rental

Panoramic view Nashville

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Nashville is the 2nd largest city located in the US state of Tennessee. With a strong cultural background, particularly in the music field, many tourists flock to the city throughout the year to pay homage to the many musical legends who have resided and recorded in the legendary Nashville music studios, including Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash.

A historically significant city to the US, Nashville is also filled with government buildings and is famous for its impressive architectural structures and quaint walkways.

Despite being thought of as one of the more quiet US tourist cities, Nashville enjoys a vibrant and varied nightlife scene, concentrated on local music, which gives tourists plenty to do until the early hours of the morning.

With its warm climate, the city is popular with US tourists and foreign visitors alike, and offers a real sense of community spirit to all who visit the city on a yearly basis.

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Arriving Nashville Airport

Nashville Airport is one of the smaller major US airports and is ranked as the 34th busiest in the country. Located only 7km from downtown Nashville, taxi cabs from the airport to the city centre can be expected to cost you around $8-$11 for the journey.

For the most part, airport processes and car rental queues are dealt with swiftly and the airport is generally considered one of the most efficient in the US.

Apart from during the annual ‘Music Fest’ festival which takes place in the city, and during which many extra tourists visit the city, you are likely to find that this is the case.

The airport does not offer too many shopping and dining opportunities, and you may wish to wait until you arrive in downtown Nashville before dining or shopping.

Driving In Nashville

Driving in Nashville is quite an easy experience for the first-time US driver, when compared to other major US cities.

The major interstate highway network enables easy access to all the city’s tourist attractions, and is simple to navigate, particularly if you have an updated GPS system.

Traffic levels tend to be fairly low and manageable, and apart from during the annual ‘Music Fest’, this is pretty much standard throughout the year.

Public transport is also quite good, although it tends to be a little more expensive than elsewhere in the country.

Nashville Driving Tips

  • Drivers are responsible for all passengers wearing seatbelts. If pulled over, it is the driver who will be charged for failing to ensure that seatbelts are worn at all times.
  • As with elsewhere in the US, drink driving is strictly prohibited. You will be pulled over and charged if you attempt to drink while you are driving.
  • American cars drive on the right side of the road. Only use the left lane while performing overtaking maneuvers.
  • Children under the age of 12 cannot sit in the front seat of the car. Also, all children under the age of 8 must have a car seat or booster seat in order to travel.

Things To Do In Nashville

  • The Johnny Cash Museum – Take a guided tour of the museum offering real insight and historical relevance into one of country music’s biggest heroes, Johnny Cash.
  • Wildhorse Saloon – An old-fashioned Western-type saloon enormously popular with foreign visitors – a real taste of the Wild West!
  • The Escape Game – A vast entertainment complex and one of Nashville’s most popular attractions for children and young adults.

Restaurants In Nashville