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Car Rental Oahu Airport

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The third largest and the most populous island in Hawaii is Oahu. It is a major tourist destination, as well as a cultural and financial center of the state. Oahu Island is further home of the capital city of the state – Honolulu and for many reasons is considered to be the heart of the Hawaii State. The other settlements that keep the interest of the travelers are the cities of Kahuku and Kailua, Nanakuli and Waianae, Kapolei and Wagiawa, Haliwa. Two other destinations that deserve the attention are Pearl Harbor and Waikiki.


Arriving at Oahu Airport

The airport in Oahu is called Honolulu International Airport and it is positioned outside the downtown zone of the city. The airport features two airport terminals – main overseas terminal and interisland Terminal, which are connected by airport shuttle buses on every 15 minutes. The major airport rental companies have offices onsite. Airport rental is also available to be organized online through the website airportcarrental365.


Honolulu International Airport serves as the main gateway to the Hawaiian Islands. Its main terminal handles the major American airlines and many international air carriers. The other airport terminal is a base of Hawaiian Airlines. The airport is quite busy, handling a growing number of flights. Airport car parking is available.


Driving in Oahu

Driving in Oahu can be very pleasant. Auto hire is available at the airport, as well as at several locations downtown. Getting one of the cheap car rentals is advisable for exploring the island and especially the North Shore.


Driving in the area is very pleasant, as the roads are in good condition and are well signed. The driving is on the right hand side and the speed limits are in miles/hour. The valid international driver’s licenses are accepted, as well as the foreign driver’s licenses when they are issued in English or translated in English. The car rental deals should be organized in advance and car hire insurance should be considered. The locals are calm drivers.


Things to Do & See in Oahu

The things that can be done and seen in Oahu are so many that a short trip will not be enough. The holiday-makers can try swimming and surfing, windsurfing and diving, snorkeling and kayaking, hiking and horseback riding. Some of the major attractions include:

  • Honolulu Museum of Art – where can be seen kamaaina- style architecture. The museum features fine-arts and presents one of the top Asian art collections in the country.
  • Iolani Palace – the only royal palace in the United States that is seat of the Hawaiian government.
  • Banzai Pipeline on the North Shore – one of the most famous surf sites for professional surfers all around the world. The waves could reach up to 9-12 m of height.
  • Wet’n’Wild Hawaii – featuring 25 rides and attractions and many family friendly attractions.
  • USS Arizona National Memorial – Memorial to those that died at the Battleship Row at Pearl Harbor in the attacks on the Americans during the Second World War. The visitors can see a historic short film of the events.
  • Polynesian Cultural Center – offering the chance to the visitors to experience the culture of Hawaii and seven other Polynesian island groups. There are recreated traditional villages of Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa, Fiji, Aotearoa (Maori New Zealand), the Marquesas, Tonga, and Rapa Nui with educational exhibits by native islanders.
  • The Hawaii beaches that should be visited include Kailua Beach Park, Kualoa Regional Park, Kahana Bay Beach Park, Lanikai Beach, Ala Moana Beach Park/Magic Island, Sunset Beach, Ehukai Beach Park, Waikiki Beach, etc. 


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