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Car Rental New Orleans Airport

Bourbon Street, New Orleans

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New Orleans is one of the most popular cities in the US and the largest city in the state of Louisiana. It is also one of the largest and most major industry ports in America.

The city is extremely well-known for its cultural diversity, with its strong French and Spanish history and connections.

New Orleans is also world-renowned for its cuisine and its annual celebrations and festivals, with the festival of Mardi Gras most notable amongst these.

It is also widely known as the ‘birthplace of jazz’ and the musical connection is apparent throughout New Orleans, giving the city a vibrant party atmosphere throughout the year.

Arriving New Orleans Airport

New Orleans Airport is fairly small compared to other major US airports, but it has a wealth of restaurants and shopping outlets scattered amongst its terminals.

The airport is around a 20 minute drive from downtown New Orleans and taxi cabs can be expected to charge around $12-$16 for the journey.

Check in times can sometimes be a little lengthy, due to the size of the airport and the number of tourists who arrive in New Orleans every day, so be prepared for a slightly longer wait than usual.

Driving In New Orleans

New Orleans is not the easiest city in the US to drive around, with its fairly narrow streets and large amounts of pedestrian traffic.

With numerous street celebrations and festivals taking place throughout the year, it pays to plan ahead in terms of navigating your route.

Roads and streets are often packed with pedestrians taking in the vibrancy of the city, and you should also be prepared for slightly longer journeys when travelling – congestion can be quite common at several times throughout the day.

New Orleans Driving Tips

  • You should try to avoid driving around the French Quarter. The sheer number of pedestrians visiting the attraction makes this quite a slow process. Park up outside the attraction and most of the French Quarter is then walkable.
  • Parking is expensive – ranging from $3 to $10 for the first hour, and up to $6.50 for two hours in some places. Hotels will have valet parking and a per day charge of $10 to $20, especially in the French Quarter.
  • Make sure you know the parade times during the annual celebration and festival periods. Many roads are blocked off during these times, and you could be in for a long wait unless you plan ahead.
  • Crime rates in New Orleans are slightly higher than elsewhere. Be sure to park your car in a lot guarded by an attendant, as opposed to parking on the street.

Things To Do In New Orleans

  • The French Quarter – The very heart of New Orleans cultural heritage – you simply can’t visit New Orleans and not take a walk through its beloved French Quarter.
  • Ghost and Vampire Tours – New Orleans’ long history gives it the perfect foil to undertake one of the city’s numerous guided ghost and vampire tours.
  • New Orleans City Park – One of the largest urban parks in the US, with horseback riding, rowing and tennis among its many attractions.

Restaurants In New Orleans – Recommended

  • Langlois – 1710 Pauger Street, 1710 Pauger Street, New Orleans, LA 70116
  • GW Fins – 808 Bienville St, The French Quarter, New Orleans, LA 70112 (Bourbon, Dauphine)
  • Meals From The Heart – 1100 N. Peters St. Bay #13, Located Inside of the French Market Behind Margaritaville, New Orleans, LA 70116