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Car Rental in Denver Colorado

Denver mountain view

Find a good deal on car rentals in Denver, Colorado from fellow travelers top choices.

Denver, Colorado

The capitol city of Colorado located at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Surrounded by mountain landscapes, Great Plains and the Green River, Denver offers a perfect balance of outdoor beauty with metropolitan comfort.

Due to the size of Denver and the location of many major attractions, renting a car is the best way to ensure you see everything.

Arriving at Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport ranks as the fifth busiest airport in the Nation, and the fifteenth busiest airport in the world. Being a large and busy airport can be daunting for novice travelers, however people from Colorado are very friendly so don’t be afraid to ask for directions.

Due to the size and popularity of the airport it is best to arrive two hours prior to your flight.

There is a shuttle service from the airport at terminal five, island four, that will take you to the car rental area. At the Denver airport there are roughly ten car rental companies to chose from, and they all have good reviews. Many travelers have had a preference to Alamo, Enterprise, and Avis.

There are public transportation services if you do not rent a car or if you’re to young to rent a car. The Denver airport Skyride service costs between $9-$13 dollars for direct transport to and from the airport. However, once in the city the public transportation gets more confusing and time consuming.

If you decide to rent a vehicle, the airport is around twenty five miles from the city of Denver.

Driving in Denver

  • Being a large capitol city with many people it’s a good idea to always drive defensively.
  • Avoid the downtown region of Denver during rush hour as the traffic is hard to navigate around.
  • Denver has been known for impatient drivers so just try to keep up with the flow of traffic or stay in the right hand lane on highways.
  • It’s not uncommon for Denver drivers to hit the brakes without warning, so keep a safe driving distance.

Special Driving tips for winter driving, should you find yourself traveling to Denver during the colder months.

  • Slow down in slick areas
  • Stay back even farther from the driver in front of you
  • Make sure your vehicle has either all weather tires or snow tires
  • Slow down in slick areas
  • If you’re caught in a storm and feel like you can’t drive safely, pull over and wait it out
  • Check weather conditions daily
  • Navigate your route ahead of time
  • Slow down if it looks slick.
  • If you slide, steer yourself in the direction you want your car to go. Do not hit the brakes.

Things to do in Denver

Mount Evans– Reaching around 14,000 feet high this mountain is a great day trip. With easy access roads allowing you to drive close to the top, leaving a short hike to the summit. If you are not use to altitude, take your time and pack food and water.

Denver Mountain Parks– Guided trips are available or you can drive there yourself. Denver Mountain Parks offers beautiful views ranging from snow capped peaks, blossoming meadows, and an abundance of wildlife. There are many great pull offs for picnics and pictures, as well as a multitude of hikes.

Wine Tours– Tour more of Denver while tasting local wines with good company. A great low key option after a few days of hiking or sight seeing.

Places to eat in Denver

Great Divide Brewery2201 Arapahoe Street, Denver, CO 80205. A traditional pub that offers a taste of many local brews, with a lively atmosphere. A great place to grab a bite a long hike according to locals.

To The Wind3333 East Colfax Street, Denver, CO 80206. To The Wind has many people singing it’s praise from out of town travelers to locals who have lived in Denver their whole lives. This restaurant offers an array of food, and drinks with a great atmosphere. They do not take reservations so show up early.


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