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Car Rental Dulles Airport

Washington DC

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Dulles is a city based in the US state of Virginia. A popular industrial city, it is home to the likes of AOL, GeoEye and ODIN Technologies.

For this reason, Dulles boasts a very strong economy and a low unemployment rate. The local people are extremely friendly and there is a vibrant nightlife scene which attracts US visitors and foreign tourists alike to the city.

While the city is not currently tourist-driven, there are still plenty of local attractions to take in during your stay, and the town offers an impressive landscape and only a short drive to the heart of Washington.

Arriving Dulles Airport

Dulles Airport is based in Dulles, Virginia and is located around 26km from Washington City Center.

The airport has a few restaurants and shopping outlets, but the quality of the airport facilities is not the best, and you may be advised to skip dining at the airport and waiting until you reach your destination to dine.

Airport processes tend to be a little on the slow side, with security checks in particular seeming to take far longer than they need to be, although this improves at the car rental points, which tend to move fairly quickly and trouble-free.

Taxi cabs from Dulles Airport to the heart of the city center can be expected to cost you around $10-$15.

Driving In Dulles

Driving in Dulles is usually fairly easy and simple to navigate. With long, open roads, it is only in the heart of the city center where you may find congestion, particularly during peak-traffic hours.

That being said, Dulles offers a very good public transport system and you may find it easier to park on the outskirts of the city before travelling by bus or taxi to visit the local attractions.

The pace of driving in Dulles is fairly slow, and most drivers obey the rules of the road and show a certain level of patience towards obvious visitors to the city.

Dulles Driving Tips

  • Drivers are responsible for all passengers wearing seatbelts. If pulled over, it is the driver who will be charged for failing to ensure that seatbelts are worn at all times.
  • As with elsewhere in the US, drink driving is strictly prohibited. You will be pulled over and charged if you attempt to drink while you are driving.
  • American cars drive on the right side of the road. Only use the left lane while performing overtaking maneuvers.
  • Children under the age of 12 cannot sit in the front seat of the car. Also, all children under the age of 8 must have a car seat or booster seat in order to travel.

Things To Do In Dulles

  • Allsports Grand Prix – A terrific family go-karting experience with a wide range of adult and child-sized cars.
  • Dulles Golf Center and Sports Park – A wide choice of sports and family fun at Dulles’ premier leisure center, with one of Virginia’s most popular golf courses thrown into the bargain.
  • Dulles Center Skatepark – More family fun at this huge indoor skatepark, offering ice-skating and indoor skiing, plus many more fun attractions.

Restaurants In Dulles – Popular With Visitors

  • Wegmans Market Cafe – 45131 Columbia Place, Dulles, VA 20166
  • Vino Volo Wine Bar – Washington Dulles International Airport, Concourse C – United Airlines, Dulles, VA 20166
  • Vapiano – 21100 Dulles Town Circle, Dulles, VA