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Car Rental Dallas Airport

Car Rental Dallas Airport

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Looking For Car Rental Dallas Airport?

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Dallas is one of the largest cities in Texas, with only Houston and San Antonio being more greatly populated. It’s location at the center of the historic oil and cotton industries means that it is perfectly designed for travel and congestion-free driving. Dallas also holds tremendous historical and cultural significance as the assassination location of President John F. Kennedy, ensuring that it remains a popular, tourist-driven city with a healthy and vibrant atmosphere.

The city has an approximate square mileage of 385 miles, ensuring you can see all that the city has to offer within a couple of days of your stay, and a host of popular tourist attractions to keep you and your family entertained long into the night.

With its humid subtropical climate, you can be assured of perfect vacation weather, but be warned to cover up a little in late Summer, when warm, dry winds from the North can bring temperatures soaring above the 100 degrees mark.

Dallas has a large Hispanic and Latin-American population which helps to increase the cultural diversity of the city, and can bring a real ‘party’ atmosphere to the regular cultural events which are held in the city. We encourage you to attend one of these events during your stay for a complete taste of all that Dallas has to offer.

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Arriving Dallas Airport

Dallas airport is absolutely huge – approximately the same size as Manhattan! The airport has a tram system called Skylink, which links all 5 of the airports terminals. This includes the Hyatt Regency Hotel, which is located within the airport itself for overnight visitors and short-stay guests.

There are numerous restaurants in every terminal, making it easy to grab a bite to eat if you have just arrived after a long flight.

Taxi cabs from Dallas airport will cost you around $12-$15 to reach downtown Dallas, and car rental queues tend to be a lot smaller and relaxed than other airports of a similar size.

Driving In Dallas

As mentioned, if you are seeking car rental at Dallas Airport, the city’s economic history in the cotton and oil industries ensures that the Dallas roadways have been perfectly designed for uninterrupted and congestion-free driving.

It claims to offer the most ‘relaxed driving experience’ in the whole of Texas and this is important, as you will almost certainly require a car rental to experience all that Dallas has to offer.

Driving Tips Dallas

  • Dallas officials are very strict on mobile phone usage while driving. If you don’t want to get caught and fined, put your phone away while driving.
  • Similarly, wearing a seat belt at ALL times is an absolute must, as it is another thing that officials look on very strictly. This applies for the driver and ALL Passengers.
  • Watch for pedestrians – Dallas is quite a fast-paced city, and not all of its inhabitants will be as careful as you. It exceeds the national average for traffic-pedestrian accidents so take extra care while driving.

Things To Do In Dallas

  • Sixth Floor Museum – Dedicated to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the museum holds huge historical significance and is a ‘must-visit’ during your stay.
  • Watch the Texas Rangers baseball team in a match at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.
  • Dallas Aquarium – Perfect for families and those with young children – over 6,000 aquatic animals can be viewed at the aquarium on a daily basis.

Restaurants In Dallas