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Car Rental BWI Airport

Inner Harbor Baltimore Maryland at night

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Looking For Car Rental BWI Airport?

Read the car rental tips and go through the car rental reviews at Once we have information about your travel plan, we can offer you a rental car that you can take from or drop off at BWI Airport and we can assist you, throughout the process.


Baltimore is the largest city in the United State of Maryland and the biggest independent city in the country. It has a rich and very long history and that is one of the reasons why so many travelers come for a visit. In fact, the attractions and the history of Baltimore city turned it into a major tourist destination on the East Coast, visited by around 25 million tourists each year. The most visited tourism centers are placed around the Inner Harbor, where are situated the top tourist destinations of Maryland, including the National Aquarium, Fort McHenry, the neighborhoods Mount Vernon and Fells Point, Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Also to be seen are the Sports Legends Museum, Walters Art Museum and the Baltimore Museum of Industry.


Arriving at Baltimore Washington International Airport

Baltimore – Washington International Airport (simply known as BWI Airport) is situated a few miles outside of the city and is accessible by the airport rentals or the light rail. Airport shuttle services are also offered from BWI Airport to the Amtrak train station.


BWI Airport serves flights from almost every major airport in the country. Some of the cities are only seasonally covered and others get connection only on certain days of the week. The available airport facilities are numerous and all to the travelers’ comfort. The car rental services available are placed in a centralized facility that is placed away from the airport and the area is serviced by airport shuttle buses.


Onsite are to be found the offices of several rental car companies. The best car rental deals are available on the website airportcarrental365 which further offers car hire insurance.


Baltimore is also served by the Martin State Airport, which is placed in northeastern direction from Baltimore County.

Driving in Baltimore Washington Area

Driving in Baltimore Washington Area is similar to driving in all other metropolitan areas of the United States. Here are some driving tips that you can find useful.

  • Plan the trip trying to avoid the heavy traffic, the high speed areas and the poor weather.
  • Always wear safety belt.
  • Drive according to the speed limit and keep enough distance between you and the car in front.
  • Do not drink and drive.
  • Always get a rental car with a car hire insurance.


Things To Do & See in Baltimore

Baltimore is a beautiful city and has plenty to offer to the holiday makers. Since it is a large city, getting an economy car rental is required to comfortably explore the area by your own pace. Among the places that deserve to be seen here are the Great Blacks in the Wax Museum, which presents the African American History. Other places to be visited include:

  • The Baltimore Harbour – this is a busy area with plenty of tourist attractions, live jazz music, shops.
  • The Museums – American Visionary Arts Museum, National Aquarium and Maryland Science Center.
  • Fort McHenry – a historical attraction across the harbor
  • Maryland Zoo at the Druid Hill Park
  • Walters Art Museum in Mount Vernon
  • Baltimore Museum of Art
  • Westminster Hall and Burying Ground Downtown area
  • Baltimore Basilica in neo-classic style, being the first Catholic Cathedral in the United States.
  • A great past time activity is attending the wire tour – that is a 3.5 hour driving tour of the popular and recognizable filming locations of the HBO series The Wire, which are well acclaimed.
  • Baltimore has several professional sports teams like the professional Indy car racing, the professional baseball and the professional football. Watching a game is a great past time activity as well.

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