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Las Vegas Airport Car Rental

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Las Vegas is a major American city, located in the US desert state of Nevada. With its arid, desert like landscape, the city remains popular throughout the year, but can reach almost unbearably warm temperatures throughout the summer months.

Known primarily for its gambling facilities, extravagant shows and outrageous architecture, Vegas is one of the most colourful cities on the planet and offers a wide range of entertainment and local attractions.

While there are attractions for younger children, it has to be noted that most of the Las Vegas attractions are targeted strictly at adults.

The Las Vegas nightlife scene is legendary, ensuring that the city continues to attract US tourists and foreign visitors throughout the year.

Arriving Las Vegas Airport

Las Vegas Airport is the primary international airport serving the city of Las Vegas, located in the US state of Nevada.

Situated only 5km south of downtown Las Vegas, taxi cabs can be expected to charge as low as $8-$11 for this short journey.

A high volume of tourists passing through the terminals ensures that Las Vegas Airport is not the quickest US airport in which to pass through the various processes, such as check in, security, baggage collection and car rental options.

Due to the Vegas gambling reputation, security checks in particular can be agonizingly long upon your arrival.

The airport offers a wide range of dining and shopping facilities, which are mostly priced well below the going rate in Las Vegas. You may wish to take advantage of these options before leaving the airport.

Driving In Las Vegas

Driving in Las Vegas can be quite fraught when driving through the city centre and the main Las Vegas strip. The sheer amount of traffic on the roads, and the amount of pedestrian traffic crossing the street can make it a painstakingly slow process.

Car parking charges can also be incredibly expensive and the city often lacks car parking availability, particularly during the weekends.

We recommend that you do not take your rental care into downtown Vegas, and instead use the excellent public transport system to navigate your way around the many local attractions.

Driving away from the main strip is a lot easier, but bear in mind that the Las Vegas roads are not as well-maintained as you would imagine, and you need to take extra care when driving in and around the desert and the Nevada mountains.

Las Vegas Driving Tips

  • Drivers are responsible for all passengers wearing seatbelts. If pulled over, it is the driver who will be charged for failing to ensure that seatbelts are worn at all times.
  • As with elsewhere in the US, drink driving is strictly prohibited. You will be pulled over and charged if you attempt to drink while you are driving.
  • American cars drive on the right side of the road. Only use the left lane while performing overtaking maneuvers.
  • Children under the age of 12 cannot sit in the front seat of the car. Also, all children under the age of 8 must have a car seat or booster seat in order to travel.

Things To Do In Las Vegas

  • Vegas Weddings – You don’t actually have to get married here, but the attraction has proven to be one of the city’s most enduring.
  • Bellagio Fountains – Stunning water fountains, located between the Bellagio theatre and the Bellagio casino.
  • Bellagio Casino – Possibly the most famous casino on the planet, you simply can’t go to Las Vegas and not be tempted to pay a visit.

Restaurants In Las Vegas

  • Vic And Anthony’s Steakhouse – 129 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101-5603 (Casino Center & Fremont)
  • The Cheesecake Factory – 3500 Las Vegas Blvd. S. (Flamingo Rd.), Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Andiamo Italian Steakhouse – 301 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101