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Car Rental San Francisco

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Looking For Car Rental San Francisco

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San Francisco is a major US city in the state of California. With a reputation as being the commercial and cultural hub of California, it is one of the most popular cities in the world and is visited by millions of tourists on a yearly basis.

With a wealth of local attractions for tourists to visit, along with stunning coastlines and some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet, San Francisco offers impressive multicultural diversity and some of the friendliest local people in America.

The city hosts an incredibly diverse and vibrant nightlife scene, and is awash with modern bars, restaurants and live entertainment. It is also a popular destination for watersports enthusiasts, and the city offers numerous attractions targeted at this market.

Arriving San Francisco

As the 2nd largest airport in California, San Francisco Airport remains busy throughout the year and sees thousands of tourists pass through its terminals on a daily basis.

Despite this high volume of traffic, the speed and efficiency of airport processes are among  the best in the US, and you shouldn’t be waiting around for too long during check-in, security, baggage collection and car rental processes. Rental car options in particular are highly praised by regular visitors to the airport.

The airport offers a huge selection of shopping outlets, bars and restaurants. although these can be quite expensively priced, and you may wish to pursue these options once you hit downtown San Francisco.

Taxi cabs from the airport to the San Francisco city centre can be expected to cost you around $20 -$25.

Driving In San Francisco

San Francisco’s roads remain extremely busy throughout the day, and despite the impressive layout and condition of its major road networks, you should prepare yourself for lengthy waits in and around the popular local attractions.

The city also operates many one-way systems throughout San Francisco, and you will probably need a reliable and updated GPS system to help you avoid unnecessary delays and slowing down native drivers.

San Francisco offers a superb public transport system, and you may wish to utilize the city’s buses to navigate to local attractions. Car parking can be quite expensive, and you may feel the bus service to be the cheaper and most efficient option to navigate the city.

San Francisco Driving Tips

  • Drivers are responsible for all passengers wearing seatbelts. If pulled over, it is the driver who will be charged for failing to ensure that seatbelts are worn at all times.
  • San Francisco has a high percentage of one-way driving systems. Be sure to have an updated GPS system to make navigating the city that much easier.
  • All children aged 8 or under must travel in a child seat or booster seat with a suitable restraining device.
  • As with elsewhere in the US, drink driving is strictly prohibited. You will be pulled over and charged if you attempt to drink while you are driving.
  • Mobile phone usage of any kind is strictly prohibited. Police officials operate a ‘no tolerance’ approach to mobile phone use while driving.
  • Americans drive on the right side of the road. Only use the left lane while performing overtaking maneuvers.

Things To Do In San Francisco

  • Golden Gate Bridge – Possibly the most famous bridge on the planet and a masterpiece of architectural design.
  • Alcatraz – The most famous prison on the planet, a tour of Alcatraz is a must when visiting San Francisco.
  • Walt Disney Family Museum – The magic of Disney comes to life in this museum which is perfect for those with young children.

Restaurants In San Francisco – Recommended

  • The Bimini Twist – Arch St, San Francisco, CA 94132
  • Kokkari Estiatorio – 200 Jackson St, San Francisco, CA 94111 (Front St.)
  • Hollywood Cafe – 530 North Point St, San Francisco, CA 94133-1312