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Car Rental Gatwick Airport

Houses of parliament - Big ben, London, UK

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Looking For Car Rental Gatwick Airport?

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London is the capital and largest city in England. With its historical significance to Europe, the city continues to be one of the most highly visited countries in the world throughout the year.

While quite expensive, particularly in the more exclusive areas of the city, London does offer the foreign visitor hundreds of popular attractions and national landmarks – boasting many excellent photo opportunities for the keen photographer.

The city is famous for its architecture and you will be surrounded by historic churches, museums and libraries which bring a cultural sophistication to the city, rarely surpassed elsewhere in the UK.

The London climate is typically British, however, and you are advised to prepare for very cold winters, with mild, sometimes hot summers.


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Arriving Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport is England’s 2nd most popular and busiest airport. Located around 20 minutes from London City Centre, taxi cabs can be expected to charge you around £30-£40 for the journey.

Unfortunately, standard airport processes such as check in, customs and baggage collection can often be quite slow, and security checks are among the most thorough and time-consuming in the UK.

However, the Gatwick airport staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful towards visitors, and car rental queues do generally tend to move faster than the other airport procedures.

The airport offers a large selection of public facilities, including many shopping and dining outlets, and free wi-fi access for all passengers and visitors to the airport.

Driving In Gatwick

London’s roads are similar to many of those based in the UK. Most of the roads are well maintained and in good quality, but visitors are often infuriated by the constant stream of road works which seem to be taking place at any one time.

Driving in London can therefore be painfully slow at times, and you are advised to use the public transport system to navigate to the many local attractions, as car parking at the attractions often suffers from a lack of availability and expensive pricing.

Traffic levels are also incredibly high throughout the day, reaching an almost gridlock status during peak traffic hours, although you should find local drivers fairly helpful and courteous towards foreign visitors.

Gatwick Driving Tips

  • Seatbelts must be worn by all passengers at all times. UK police officials are very strict on this policy and will charge and fine you for non-compliance.
  • Mobile phone usage while driving is strictly prohibited and you will be pulled over by police officials if caught using your phone while driving.
  • Parts of London are very industrial and traffic waits can be quite lengthy in these areas. Be sure to plan your trip accordingly to stay away from busy areas and peak-hour traffic.

Things To Do In Gatwick

  • The London Eye – One of London’s most modern and recognizable landmarks and wonderful for viewing London from the air.
  • Oxford Street – Take a shopping trip down one of London’s oldest and most popular shopping districts.
  • Tower Of London – Acting as a museum and a stunning English landmark, the Tower of London is a must-see attraction for any visitor to the city.

Restaurants In Gatwick