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Car Rental Bristol Airport

Clifton Suspension Bridge

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Looking For Car Rental Bristol Airport?

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Bristol is located in the South West of England and is England’s 6th largest city. The city has been built around the River Avon and also has a short coastline with habitable, well-maintained beaches.

The city is famous for its architecture and you will be surrounded by historic churches, museums and libraries which bring a cultural sophistication to the city, rarely surpassed elsewhere in the UK.

The Bristol climate is typically British, and you are advised to prepare for very cold winters, with mild, sometimes hot summers.

Arriving Bristol Airport

Bristol Airport is currently expanding and the changes are expected to last for around another 12 months. Therefore, you may experience building work and other updates being undertaken as you pass through the airport.

However, the airport still offers fantastic facilities for children, business people and also the disabled, and the public transport system running through the airport is fairly regular and very reliable.

Taxi cabs to the heart of the city center will likely cost in the region of £12-£15 and car rental queues tend to be far quieter at Bristol Airport than many other of the UK’s major airports.

Driving In Bristol

Bristol’s roads are similar to many of those based in the UK. Most of the roads are well maintained and in good quality, but visitors are often infuriated by the constant stream of road works which seem to be taking place at any one time.

You can avoid this by planning your stay accordingly and asking around as to where the main traffic works are taking place, and taking action to avoid them.

Bristol Driving Tips

  • Seatbelts must be worn by all passengers at all times. UK police officials are very strict on this policy and will charge and fine you for non-compliance.
  • Mobile phone usage while driving is strictly prohibited and you will be pulled over by police officials if caught using your phone while driving.
  • Parts of Bristol are very industrial and traffic waits can be quite lengthy in these areas. Be sure to plan your trip accordingly to stay away from busy areas and peak-hour traffic.

Things To Do In Bristol

  • SS Great Britain – Take a tour on the grand and historical SS Great Britain ship – perfect for those of you with young families.
  • Clifton Suspension Bridge – Take a journey over the jaw-dropping, state of the art, Clifton Suspension Bridge. Probably Bristol’s most outstanding architectural achievement.
  • Bristol Zoo Gardens – An interactive zoo where you can really get up close and personal with your favourite animals.

Restaurants In Bristol – Recommended

  • Urban Tandoor – 13, Small Street, Bristol BS1 1DE, England
  • Blue Pig Cafe – 33 Colston Avenue, Bristol BS1 4UA, England
  • Chai Shai Kitchen – Jacobs Wells Road, Bristol, England