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Car Hire UAE

Prestige car hire for your stay in UAE is easy to book! Have a good look at the available car rental deals offered by the local and international car rental companies!


Usually referred to just as UAE, the United Arab Emirates are in fact a federation of seven emirates that are situated on the eastern part of the Arabian peninsula at the very entrance to the Persian Gulf. The federation is neighboring Saudi Arabia and Oman, the Gulf of Oman, the Musandam Peninsula and the Omani enclave. The United Arab Emirates is a country that is rich in culture and history and is a great base for exploring the Middle East region.


Dynamic and modern, the country is attracting the interest of the travelers and holiday makers, who usually prefer to see the places of interest with the prestige car hire and the special car rental deals that are offered by the international and local car rental companies.


UAE has vast and modern shopping malls, remote but fabulous desert dunes, as well as inspiring wadis. It also features many comfortable hotels, world class restaurants and trendy bars. The infrastructure is excellent comprising of well-kept roads, large supermarkets, and various internet chains.


The biggest cities in UAE 

United Arab Emirates comprise of seven emirates including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Umm al Quwain, Fujairah and Ra’s al Khaymah. Travelers can find many interesting places to see in each of these emirates and can reach them with the provided holiday car hire. The biggest cities in the country that deserve to be seen include:

  • Abu Dhabi – this is the capital city of the UAE. Get an automobile rental at Abu Dhabi Airport.
  • Dubai – that is the most common place for tourists visits and an entry point for the other parts of the country. Dubai is also a transport and commerce center of the UAE.
  • Al Ain – this is an inland near the Omani border town of Buraimi, placed in a triangle position with the cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
  • Ajman – that is the smallest emirate, which is also a budget destination.
  • Fujairah, Hatta, Khor Fakkan – other settlements.
  • Sharjah – that is a budget destination in UAE, a bit chaotic and with own charm.
  • Umm al Quwain – that is the most peaceful of all emirates in UAE.
  • Liwa Oasis – that is not a settlement but several villages placed around oases.


Driving in UAE

Driving an advantage rental car in the United Arab Emirates is very relaxing and pleasant since the vehicle rental fleet of the car rental companies is luxurious and the roads are perfectly maintained. Thee streets in the cities are logically addressed, yet they could be confusing as well. For that reason good navigation or a GPS device are needed.


The road access to the United Arab Emirates can be done from Oman in the east and from Saudi Arabia to the south and the highways are in the country and in excellent condition. In general the drivers in the United Arab Emirates are driving recklessly, pulling out in front of cars, changing lanes often, etc. The travelers are welcome to use the various car rental deals, yet they should always ask for car hire insurance. Drinking and driving is forbidden, and can lead to a very serious fine and even prison stay.


At the intersections in all settlements of the United Arab Emirates are placed cameras. Parking in the cities is challenging as the available parking spots are usually paid. Yet, car parking lots can be found at the shopping malls.


Car rental tips for UAE (insider tips)

  • The legal driving age in the United Arab Emirates is 18 years of age.
  • Automobile hire in the United Arab Emirates requires valid international driver’s license.
  • The available car rental deals in the United Arab Emirates are a bit cheaper than those in the United States. The drivers should pay a flat fee based on the size of the vehicle rental.
  • The petro in the United Arab Emirates is not expensive.
  • The road system in the United Arab Emirates applies the European standards.
  • The local drivers in the urban areas are very aggressive.
  • The traffic in the urban areas of the United Arab Emirates is very busy with many traffic jams.


Mini Guide

In addition to the sites that are to be visited in the big cities of the United Arab Emirates, the rest of the places of interest that could be reached with the holiday car hire, include:

  • Very large sand dunes in the Liwa Oasis area, to the south of Abu Dhabi.
  • Marvelous beaches on the east coast.
  • Rugged and remote wadis located in the northern emirates.
  • Different archeological sites and natural rock formations to be found in the Hajar Mountains.
  • Oases in Al Ain.
  • Many cliffs and watersports, freshwater lakes and fossils, white-sand beaches, steep rocks and dramatic mountains.
  • Many malls among which Dubai Emirates Mall, Marina Mall, etc.
  • Various Desert Safari trips.

Did you know?

  • The Dubai police fleet incudes Lamborghini, Ferrari and Bentley.
  • The ATMs in Dubai can dispense gold bars.
  • Dubai uses no address system, as well as no zip codes, no area codes and no postal system.
  • The Persian Gulf was once known as the Pirate Coast.
  • Ferrari has the largest indoor theme park in Abu Dhabi. The rollercoaster there called the Rosso, is the World’s fastest, and it can reach 150 mph in 5 seconds.
  • Petrol is cheap in UAE and easy to come by.
  • Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, seven times taller than Big Ben.
  • The Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi can accommodate 40 000 people at any one time.
  • The statue of liberty can be comfortably fit into the lobby of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai.
  • The Palm Jumeirah, which is Dubai’s largest artificial island is visible from space.