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Car Rental Bodrum Airport

Turquoise water near beach on Turkish resort, Bodrum, Turkey

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Do You Need Car Rental Bodrum Airport?

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A popular summer holiday destination, the city of Bodrum is located on the southern coast of Aegean sea in Turkey. Bodrum has been the site of the ancient city Halikarnassus – one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Today remnants of that site can be seen in the British Museum in London. Combining sites from ancient times with the modern facilities of today’s life, Bordrum is one of the tourist centers in Turkey and a market town as well.


On the eastern part of the city can be seen a beautiful beach zone with many bars, restaurants and busy night clubs. The atmosphere is very pleasant. On the western part of the city are to be found the Marina and Yacht Club, and numerous high-end stores, including supermarkets selling top class wine. The best way to enjoy the city in comfort and style is by booking one of the prestige car hire automobiles.


In the city of Bodrum are organized numerous cultural events such as many pop concerts at the Castle or in the Amphitheatre, and the incredible Ballet Festival in August.


Arriving at Bodrum Airport

Bodrum Airport is also known as Bodrum-Milas Airport and it is located 35 km away from the city. The airport handles numerous regular flights and a serious number of charter flights during the summer season. At the airport terminal are to be found many facilities including airport car parking, shops and dining places. The price of food and drinks however can be very high. The access to the center of the city is done through the airport shuttle service or the airport rentals. Car reservation can also be made in advance through the website airportcarrental365. There are to be found excellent car rental deals.


Other airports near the one in Bodrum are Izmir Airport and Dalaman Airport; both placed 3 hours away from Bodrum.


Driving in Bodrum

Driving in Bodrum is very pleasant for many reasons. The roads in the area and in Turkey in general are very good. Most of them are highways on four or six lanes, with road signs being large and using the international colors. The police patrols are making sure that the speed limits are adhered to.


The drivers in Turkey are good and polite. The parking on the streets is paid. In general, getting one of the cheap car rentals is a good way to explore the area and the city of Bodrum.


Things to Do & See in Bodrum

Bodrum is a favorite summer holiday destination but besides beaches and warm sea waters, it also offers interesting landmarks that should be visited. Among these are:

  • The Bodrum Castle – built in the 15th century, overlooking the marina and the harbour. In the castle is positioned the Museum of Underwater Archeology and are being hosted several cultural festivals.
  • The White Windmills in Bodrum – the windmills are made of stone and lined with wooden planks. They have been constructed in the mid-18th century. Seven of them can be found on the hill between Gumbet and Bodrum, and many more can be found around the former fishing port Yalikavak.
  • The Bodrum Amphitheatre – this is a beautiful site and one of the best preserved structures of ancient Halikarnassus.
  • Myndos Gate – these are old city gates, that have been scene for one of the bloodiest battles during the siege of the city by Alexander the Great.
  • Karakaya Village – that is 300 year old town and one of the oldest settlements in the Bodrum peninsula. The village has restored houses to their original look and 18th century windmills.


Do consider other Destinations in Turkey as well: Izmir Airport or Dalaman Airport.