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Car Hire Turkey

Car rental companies in Turkey offer tempting car rental deals that are worth to be seen! The travelers are welcome to try the quality car rental offered in Turkey at an affordable price and enjoy every minute of their stay in the country!

Marvelously located on the Mediterranean, Turkey is situated on two continents where 97 % of its territory is located in the Middle East and West Asia and the other 3 % are lying on the Southeastern Europe. The connection between these two is made by the Bosphorus and the Marmara Sea, as well as the Dardanelles. The country is neighboring Greece and Bulgaria, Armenia and Azerbaijan and Georgia, as well as Iran, Iraq and Syria. Turkey has access to the Black Sea and vast coastline on the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.


Turkey has been founded from the remnants of the Ottoman Empire in 1923. Some twenty years later it joined the United Nations and after that the country became a member of NATO. Today it is among the holiday destinations that are within the wish list of many travelers. Tourists are welcome to use the available holiday car hire and explore the cosmopolitan city of Istanbul with its domes, minarets and fantastic Roman ruins; then enjoy the coastline with the sunny beaches of Bodrum, Kushadasa, Pamphylia, etc.


The biggest cities in Turkey 

Turkey is a country with vast territory, divided into an European and an Asian part. The most convenient way to explore Turkey is by getting an affordable car hire. Many cheap car rentals are available in all cities and the car booking is very easy and straightforward to make:

  • Ankara – that is the capital of Turkey and also its second largest city
  • Istanbul – that is the largest city in Turkey and the only major city worldwide placed on two continents
  • Antalya – that is considered the fastest growing city in Turkey, which is a hub of many beach resorts
  • Amasya – that is an inland located in central Black Sea city close to Iris river. It features nicely preserved Ottoman whitewashed architecture and travelers have a feeling that they are in an open-air museum
  • Bodrum – that is a modern and busy coastal town, positioned in the Southern Aegean which becomes very crowded during the holiday season and getting vehicle rental in advance is recommended. The city has a lovely citadel, interesting Roman ruins, as well as trendy clubs and elegant restaurants. Check the car rental deals from Bodrum Airport here.
  • Bursa and Edirne – that are the first and second capital of the Ottoman Empire.
  • Eskisehir – that settlement is often called the ‘Venice of Turkey’, and is described as one of the most beautiful cities in Anatolia region.
  • Izmir – that is the third largest city of Turkey and it can be explored with the auto hire from Izmir Airport.
  • Urfa – that is a beautiful city that has incredible architecture and culture merging Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic, and Persian heritage.


Driving in Turkey

The roads in Turkey are very well maintained and thus driving in the country is quite pleasant. The drivers who decide to make a car reservation, using one of the car rental deals are welcome to use the available six-lane highways and major roads. They should insist on car hire insurance when they are in contact with the car rental companies. Further, they should know that the road signs are good and understandable, following all international colors. As a rule, the local drivers are polite and careful.


When in the big cities however, especially in the rush hour, the drivers should be aware that the driving will be chaotic and full of stress. In such situations the other drivers usually do not respect the right of way, the motorway lanes and the speeding regulations. The drivers of automobile rental should be careful and always observe the nearby cars, as in such situation the local driving cannot be predicted.


Car rental tips for Turkey (insider tips)

  • The driving in Turkey is on the right side of the road.
  • The usage of mobile phones when driving is illegal and can bring serious fines.
  • The maximum amount of alcohol in the blood that is permitted in Turkey is 0.05 grams per liter that usually is equal to two glasses of beer or one glass of wine.
  • The usage of seat belts is obligatory.
  • Turkey uses the metric system for all distances.
  • No fees are applied for using the motorways.


Mini Guide

There is plenty to be seen in Turkey and the best way for a traveler to see all of it is by getting an economy car rental. In addition to the big cities, the rest to be seen include:

  • Ani – that is a site in the far east of the country that has interesting ruins of medieval Armenian capital
  • Cappadocia – that is a very beautiful area in the central highlands of Turkey, which is best known for its underground cities, unique moon-like landscape, cave churches and houses that are carved in the rocks
  • Ephesus – these are well-preserved ruins of a Roman city set on the west coast
  • Mount Nemrut – being a UNESCO World Heritage site this place features head statues that are dedicated to the ancient Gods
  • Oludeniz – that is a lovely area with one of the best beaches of Turkey
  • Pamukkale – that is the Cotton Castle area where are to be seen cascading shallow pools that are filled with thermal waters
  • Sumela – this is an impressive monastery placed on the cliffs of a mountain in the northeast coast of Turkey
  • Uludag – that is a national park that has different types of forests and several major winter sports resorts


Did you know?

  • Turkey has one of the world’s oldest and biggest malls.
  • Turkey is home to one of the Mediterranean’s primary sea turtle nesting beaches.
  • In Turkey one can cross continents underground.
  • Turkish cuisine is among the three most diverse cuisines in the world, just along the French and Chinese cuisine.
  • Around 70% of hazelnuts come from Turkey.