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Car Hire Spain

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Spain is a beautiful country located on the Iberian Peninsula, neighboring Portugal, France and the Mediterranean Sea. It is famous for its mild climate and wonderful beaches and is known to be the country with the second largest number of sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, right after Italy. Spain has impressive cultural and geographic diversity including fine sand beaches and lush meadows, snowy mountains and deserts.


Spain has friendly locals and very relaxed atmosphere, palatable cuisine and exciting nightlife. It is also a country of many festivals and folklore traditions. That is why many cities and lovely resorts of Spain are in the wish list of the travelers and holiday-makers. The finest way to see all the beauties of Spain and spend a day here and another one there, is by getting one of the car rental deals, provided by the local and also by the international car rental companies.


The biggest cities in Spain

Spain is divided into several autonomous regions and two independent cities. Travelers visiting these parts of Spain with their holiday car hire should respect the language and the history of those areas. In Spain are to be found many interesting cities and small towns. The most popular travel destinations in Spain include the settlements of:

  • Madrid – that is the capital city of the country, known for its exciting nightlife, incredible museums, marvelous architecture, and tasty food
  • Barcelona – this is the second largest city of Spain. It is full of modernist buildings and an exciting cultural life. It further offers busy nightclubs and long sandy beaches.
  • Cordoba – this city is home to the Grand Mosque, considered to be one of the finest buildings on earth
  • Bilbao – that is the industrial city of Spain, but also home to the Guggenheim Museum
  • Granada – that lovely city is located to the south and is surrounded by the Sierra Nevada mountains
  • Cadiz – considered to be the oldest city in Western Europe, this settlement offers nearly 4000 years of history and a famous carnival
  • Valencia – that is a beautiful city with an incredible beach and the place where paella was invented
  • Seville – this great city hosts the third largest cathedral in the world
  • Zaragoza – that is the fifth largest city of Spain
  • Almeria – this lovely settlement has the best natural beaches and also a great selection of “tapas”
  • Other sites to be seen include Pamplona and the running of the bulls, as well as the idyllic Canary and Balearic Islands. Get a car rental at Menorca Airport or an automobile hire at Ibiza Airport.

Check the car rental deals at Almeria Airport or the rental vehicles at Alicante Airport, as well as the auto hire from Malaga Airport.

Driving in Spain

Driving in Spain is pleasant and usually stress-free. The driving is done on the right way, so drivers need to be careful when overtaking and try to leave space between the cars. All passengers in Spain should put their seat belts at the front and at the rear. The speed limits are 30 km/h to 20 km/h in the cities, and 120 km/h to 130 km/h on the motorways.


All cars, including the vehicle rentals need to have first aid kit and also car hire insurance. Drinking and driving is not allowed and is alcohol in the blood is not accepted.


Car rental tips for Spain (insider tips)

In the main cities of Spain driving a holiday car hire may be convenient, but is also nerve breaking, especially when parking is needed. In such cases, as well as when driving around the country, a good map is needed. The local drivers can be unpredictable too, especially in the southern part of the country.


Using the car rental services offered seems like the best way to see the country and those resorts and hidden settlements that are more challenging to reach with the public transport. The rental vehicles in Spain can be found at affordable prices and some of them have GPS navigation. The drivers should insist on full car hire insurance that covers collision damage waiver, liability cover, theft waiver, etc.

Usually, the car rental companies also offer child seats.


Mini Guide

In addition to the large cities in Spain, that are definitely worth visiting, there are other interesting places that need to be seen in Spain. These are all easy to reach with the affordable car hire:

  • Costa Brava – this is a rugged coast with many seaside resorts
  • Costa Blanca – that is an area of 200 km of white sand beaches and small villages
  • Costa del Sol – as the name suggests, these is the sunny coast placed in the south of the country
  • Gran Canaria – the area has many different climates and landscapes
  • Mallorca – that is the largest island of the Balears, a place with many beaches and busy nightlife
  • Ibiza – that is a Balearic island that is among the best places for clubbing, with many famous DJs playing their music here
  • La Rioja – that area is known for the fossilized dinosaur tracks and the Rioja wine
  • Sierra Nevada – here are located the highest mountains on the Iberian Peninsula, perfect for walking and skiing
  • Tenerife – the area is known for the lush forests, the exotic fauna and flora, the mountains and the deserts, the volcanoes and the spectacular coastlines

Did you know?

  • Even if Christopher Columbus was Italian, he headed towards the Indies under the Spanish monarchy auspices.
  • The main plaza of Madrid Puerta del Sol is also the physical center of the country.
  • During the celebration of the Spanish New Year, the locals follow the custom called Twelve Grapes, according to which the Spaniards are eating one grape with their family for each bell strike of the clock.
  • Spain is among the largest and also most powerful countries in the world and despite that it did not officially participate in the First or the Second World Wars.
  • Spanish is the second most popular language in the world as there are 410 million native speakers around the world.