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Car Hire Scotland

Read the car rental tips and make most of the chap car rentals offered! The economy car rental provided is the best way to see Scotland!


Beautifully positioned in the northwestern part of Europe, Scotland is the second largest of the United Kingdom constituent nations. It is bordering England, as well as Northern Ireland. The largest city in Scotland is Glasgow and its capital is the beautiful city of Edinburgh. Scotland is surrounded by the North Atlantic Ocean to the west and north, and by the North Sea to the east. It features more than 700 islands, concentrated in the west and in the north.


Known for its dramatic scenery of valleys and mountains, green fields and rolling hills, vast coastline and deep forests, Scotland is attracting travelers from all parts of the world. Holiday makers are welcome to make use of the cheap car rentals provided by the various car rental companies, all suitable for immediate car booking. The country features lively cities with marvelous architecture, rich historical and cultural heritage, fantastic options for playing golf, hiking, practicing winter sports, etc. Interesting to be visited is also Loch Ness in the Highlands, famous for its monster. Scotland is also the land of the whiskey with plenty of distilleries.


The biggest cities in Scotland 

Scotland is a country large in size and is thus divided into traditional counties. It has seven large cities, all ideal to be reached with the affordable car hire offered by the international and national car rentals. The biggest and most visited cities in Scotland include:

  • Edinburgh – that is the capital city of Scotland. Each August it hosts the largest Arts Festival in the world. Considered a Festival City, Edinburgh has lovely city centre with contrasting architecture in the Old Town and New Town.
  • Glasgow – that is the largest and most vibrant city in the country that is best to be explored by getting an auto hire. It comes with the best shopping scene outside London and features an exciting nightlife. Glasgow is home to the largest ship-building industry in the world.
  • Aberdeen – that is Scotland’s third largest city. It has interesting granite buildings, a large harbor and two old universities. Check the car rental deals at Aberdeen Airport.
  • Dundee – that city is vibrant and busy with the large population of students.
  • Inverness – that is the capital of the Highlands, which is fast-growing and set on the River Ness, close to Loch Ness. That is also Britain’s most northerly city. To explore it in comfort, check the car rental deals at Inverness Airport.
  • Stirling – that city has a royal fortress and dramatic castle. It is also a city with vibrant modern outlook.
  • Perth – that is an ancient royal burgh and county seat of Perthshire.


Driving in Scotland

Driving in Scotland is pleasant and the roads are in very good condition, all perfectly maintained. The country has one of the most effective transport systems, yet getting a holiday car hire by using the car rental services available is the most convenient of all ways to see the beauties of Scotland.


The things that the travelers should know when they decide to make a car reservation for their trip to Scotland are:

  • The driving in Scotland is organized on the left side of the road.
  • The drivers should have valid car hire insurance when exploring the country.
  • The local drivers are polite and obey the road rules.
  • The speed limits are 40-60 km in the urban areas to 100 km on the country roads.


Car rental tips for Scotland (insider tips)

Since the quality car rental enables the travelers to reach all parts of the country, many holiday makers decide to see Scotland in that way. That seems the finest way to explore the mountainous terrain, the Highlands and the rural area. The available motorways and dual carriageways are in very good condition, yet some potholes and cracks can be seen as well.


The rural roads though are often narrow, so fast driving is not advisable. Drinking and driving is also not an option, it is considered illegal and subject of serious fees.


Mini Guide

Besides beautiful cities, Scotland has a vast wilderness area and many national parks. Among the places that should be seen but are easiest to be visited by an affordable car hire are:

  • Loch Ness where is believed to be the famous creature living in the lake.
  • The Cairngorms – that is a mountain range and the largest National Park in Scotland.
  • Loch Lomond and the Trossachs – being the first national park of Scotland.
  • The National Scenic Areas and the Forest Parks.
  • Been Nevis – Scotland’s highest mountain.
  • The mountain areas of Torridon and Wester Ross.
  • The whiskey distillers in Islay area. Most of the Scotland’s distilleries welcome visitors and many of them have guided tours.
  • The Isle of Arran.


Did you know?

  • The University of St Andrews, which was founded in 1413, is in fact the third oldest university in the UK after Oxford and Cambridge.
  • It is believed that the oldest stronghold in Great Britain is the Dumbarton Castle.
  • Founded in 1695, the Bank of Scotland is the oldest surviving bank in the UK.
  • There are three officially recognized languages in Scotland: English, Scots and Scottish Gaelic.
  • Scotland is considered the birthplace of whisky and outside Scotland the drink is known as Scotch Whisky. In fact, the whisky was invented in China, and in the early 15th century it was first distilled by monks in Ireland. The drink reached Scotland 100 years later.
  • Like the whisky, some other symbols of Scotland are not Scottish inventions. These are the kilts, the tartans and the bagpipes.
  • Among the important Scottish inventions are the logarithms method, the tarmac, the waterproof raincoat and the hot blast furnace, as well as the pneumatic tyre.
  • Today Scotland is a major producer of wool and wool textiles. It is very famous for the distinctive tweed cloth and for the Tartan patterns.
  • Among the main reasons of the travelers to visit Scotland is the Edinburgh Festival, which is a grouping of arts and cultural festivals that are organized each summer and last for almost a month. That is why this is considered to be the largest annual cultural festival in the world.