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Rio De Janeiro Weather

Rio de Janeiro is situated on the far western part in Brazil’s strip of the Atlantic coast. It is to be found on the Costa Verde, between the strait east to Ilha Grande and the Cabo Frio. The most popular city in Brazil is placed near the Tropic of Capricorn and is failing southern direction. It was founded on an inlet on the Guanabara Bay with an entrance being the Sugar Loaf Mountain. The most convenient way to explore this huge and lovely city is by making a car reservation for one of the cheap car rentals available.

Rio de Janeiro Climate

The climate of Rio de Janeiro is tropical wet and dry and it borders the tropical monsoon climate, which is characterized with heavy rains in the period between the months of December and March. For that reason, the inland areas of the city sometimes have temperatures above 40°C, even if they are not for long periods. In general, the maximum temperatures are above 27°C.

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Rio de Janeiro Weather & When to Visit

The average annual temperatures of the sea is between 23–24°C, around 22°C in the period July – October and 26°C in February – March. The ocean current is known as Santos Bight or the Brazil Current. The wettest months are in December and the driest months are in August. The temperatures in Rio de Janeiro is moderate throughout the year and there is no bad time to visit the city, except may be in the wet period.

Summer in Rio de Janeiro

The summer in Rio lasts from December to March, with the hottest months being December and January. In that period of the year the summer showers are almost every afternoon. At that time is also organized the famous Carnival, the beaches are very crowded and the prices go up.

Autumn in Rio de Janeiro

The autumn lasts from April to June and the average temperature is around 26ºC, with almost no rain

Winter in Rio de Janeiro

The winter in Rio lasts from July until September. The period is characterized with almost no rainfall and sunny days good for visiting the beach, yet the nights are chilly and cloudy. The temperatures at that time of the year are around 24ºC during the day and 15ºC at night. Since that is not a popular time to visit the city, the price of the accommodation is low and the car rental deals are quite tempting. Winter months are the best time for the surfers to hit the ocean waves.

Spring in Rio de Janeiro

The spring in Rio lasts from September to October and these two months offer great weather for exploring the city. There is almost no humidity and just a few rainy days, while the temperatures are around 26ºC. The conditions are perfect for going to the beach and for hiking in the rainforest, the gardens are full of color and greenery. The prices are cheap and the tourist crowds are still bearable. The spring is the ideal time for trips to the Tijuca Forest, the Botanical Garden and Parque Lage.

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