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Rio De Janeiro Travel Tips

Rio de Janeiro is among the top destinations for many travelers from all over the world. It features lovely hills and sandy beaches, and offers inspiring views from the Sugar Loaf Mountain. The city has a vibrant nightlife with an impressive range of night cubs, bars and cafes. It offers diverse accommodation and excellent car rental deals for comfortable sightseeing.

Just like all tourist zones with so many visitors, there are certain rules to be followed. Those that wish to make most of their stay in the second largest city in Brazil, should get to know the following Rio de Janeiro Travel Tips.

Rio De Janeiro Travel Tips

Stay Safe

When going out sightseeing in Rio or samba dancing at the numerous night clubs, travelers should always leave their valuables in the safe of the hotel or inside their serviced apartments. This is also valid for the important documents, like the passport. Tourists should be careful when walking in crowded areas and should avoid travelling alone, especially at night. Always exchange money at the airport or at the bank branches in the city.

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Choose the Time

Trip to Rio is ok during all seasons as the city enjoys tropical climate and mild temperatures. The public holidays include New Year’s Day; Independence Hero Tiradentes (21 April); Labor Day (1 May); Independence (7 September); Memorial (2 November); Proclamation of the Republic (15 November); Christmas Day.

When to Tip

Tipping is not compulsory in Rio de Janeiro and is not expected from the locals. There are serviced charges of approximately 10 % that are added to the bills. Additional tips are accepted as an appreciation for the good service.

On the Road

The buses are the cheapest means of transportation in Rio, yet the most comfortable one is by getting an automobile hire. Ample parking is available at the large stores and some restaurants. Drivers should avoid the traffic jams, typical for the working days and especially on Fridays when many locals lave the city. Car hire insurance is obligatory.

Learn Brazilian Portuguese

Ok, learning a brand new language is not easy at all, but learning a few common phrases is not difficult and is highly appreciated by the cariocas (the natives of Rio). Try to learn a few phrases in Brazilian Portuguese that is used in the city – several greetings and courtesies, learn how to ask for directions and how to pay.

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Get to Know the Area

There are many colorful neighborhoods in Rio and getting to know them is advisable. Some planning in advance is needed for Rio, as it is a large city with plenty of landmarks.

Have an option to prolong the stay

Since the atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro is intoxicating and since travelers from Europe and from the United States do that trip only once in their lifetime, they should always think of a way to prolong their stay with a few more days. Great places to see near the city are the Iguazu Falls, the capital city of Sa Paolo and the small fishing village of Paraty.

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