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Rio De Janeiro Travel Guide

Lush mountains and wide beaches of fine sand, vivid carnival with samba dance competitions, spectacular football matches and splendid panoramic views towards the city – that are some of the things that Rio de Janeiro offers. Plan your vacation here by booking your accommodation in advance and by making car reservation at one of the car rental companies.

Rio De Janeiro Travel Guide

There are many travel guides for Rio de Janeiro and it is highly advisable for the travelers to read them or at least to be aware with the main ones before the trip. Visiting Rio de Janeiro with a plan about the sightseeing day per day is very important, especially if coming just for a few days. Getting one of the cheap car rentals is also crucial, so that travelers can see as much of this cosmopolitan city as possible.

See the tropical landscapes

There are two places wherefrom can be enjoyed panoramic views over the city and these are the top of the iconic 710 m high Corcovado Mountain with the impressive statue of Christ The Redeemer; and the 396 m high Sugarloaf Mountain placed at the Guanabar Bay in the Atlantic Ocean, placed between Babylon Mountain and Urca’s Mountain. Both places are ideal for practicing various outdoor activities such as cycling along the lake and the beaches, hiking at the Tijuca rainforest, sailing across Baia de Guanabara, and also rock-climbing and surfing, hang-gliding, etc.

The Rhythms of Rio

Music is in the blood of all locals, who love samba and bossa nova, funk and hip hop, rock. Samba is especially associated with Rio de Janeiro. It has African influences and is practiced in many samba schools, in live music halls or directly on the streets.

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Party in Rio de Janeiro

The rhythms of Rio are directly associated with the busy nightlife. The city has a vibrant dance scene every single day. Yet, on two occasions the entire city is a party area and that is during the New Year’s Eve celebrations in December and during the two weeks of the Carnival in February. During these two events the city demonstrates its celebratory spirit, its lust for life, its samba festive nature.

The tempting beaches of Rio de Janeiro

The second largest city of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, has a plethora of captivating beaches. Two of them have become symbol of the city and these are Copacabana and Ipanema. These two beach areas are preferred by the holiday makers and by the celebrities who love to be seen there. The locals prefer the beaches in the backyard of Rio, which provide an endless choice of activities such as surfing and swimming, practicing volleyball and football, snacking and drinking or just watching the people go by.

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Enjoy the local food and drinks

Rio de Janeiro has everything that the traveler might need. The city is abundant in lovely dining places and watering holes for every taste and liking. Very popular are the buffet style restaurants, where visitors pay by the weight of the food they have taken on their plates. Those who are really hungry can ty the rodizio restaurants which work on the principle ‘all you can eat’. They come in different types – some of these restaurants serve grilled meats, other serve rich seafood including lobster and shrimps, clams and calamaris, shellfish and mollusks, still others serve pizza, pasta and appetizers. Since Brazil has a large Japanese population, the sushi restaurants are popular too. The high-end restaurants are situated at Dias Ferreira Street in Leblon. The health food shops are also quite popular and they serve vegetable and meat sandwiches, as well as fruit drinks.

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As for the drinks, Rio features many open juice bars where travelers can try juices from almost very fruit they can think of. Holiday-makers should definitely try açaí and guaraná juices, as they are among the strongest anti-oxidants and energizers in the world. The national drink and definitely a must try is Caipirinha. This is a drink made of the Brazilian liquor of sugarcane juice – cachaça, with added lime, sugar and plenty of ice.

Shopping in Rio

This could be a very pleasant past time activity, since Rio has many stores on the streets where the travelers can bargain, as well as numerous malls such as Shopping Iguatemi and Shopping Tijuca, Shopping Leblon and Shopping Rio Sul, BarraShopping and São Conrado Fashion Mall. The items that tourists buy are usually overpriced but even so they are not that expensive. The things that travelers buy as gifts for friends or souvenirs for themselves include bottes of caipirinha, coconut water, typical Brazilian hammocks. A fantastic choice of gifts are the locally produced bikinis, since they are a trademark for the city and are known as a fashion and quality gifts. The payment of the goods can be done in cash, or with Visa and Mastercards.

Why visit Rio de Janeiro?

There are many reasons to visit Rio on a vacation or to come for a longer stay. Yet, the main reason is that there is no other place on earth like the cosmopolitan city of Rio de Janeiro. The settlement is a combination of many things, landmarks and emotions and should be experienced with an open heart. Travelers can walk through its parks among toucans and monkeys, they can spend the day climbing to the statue of Christ The Redeemer, or they can spend time at its numerous museums and galleries. They can also go and watch a football match at the largest stadium in the Southern Hemisphere – Maracana, or spend a lazy day on Copacabana beach. The evenings can be spend trying the local specialties or dancing samba around Lapa area. The locals are extremely proud of their carioca spirit. They are proud people, but also good hearted and very spontaneous, who love to take everything out of their life. Rio de Janeiro has been recently named the happiest city on earth. It is a fact that once visited, it gets into the hearts of the people forever.

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