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Rio De Janeiro Things to Do

The exciting city of Rio de Janeiro is situated on the South Atlantic coast and is the second largest and most populated city in Brazil. It is a very popular travel destination due to the fantastic beaches, the vivid annual Carnival and the special cosmopolitan and at the same time laid-back atmosphere. The local people in Rio de Janeiro are friendly; there are excellent offers for cheap car rentals and a tempting choice of attractions to be seen and things to be done.


Rio de Janeiro Things to Do

The first time visitors to Rio de Janeiro should definitely climb the Corcovado Mountain and make some photos to the statue of Christ The Redeemer on the top and to the city below, should enjoy a lovely day at the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, should visit one of the largest stadiums in the world – Maracana, reach the Sugar Loaf Mountain with its cable car, go to a samba dance show, take part in the colorful annual Carnival or in the New Year’s Eve celebrations and fireworks show. To save time and to reach one site after another, the best way to do so is with the available holiday car hire.


Other Things to Do in Rio de Janeiro

Once the car reservation is made and the traveler has taken everything out of the offered car rental deals, the holiday makers can plan other things to do during their trip to Rio de Janeiro besides the ones mentioned above. Some of the suggestions include:

  • Panoramic flight – the panoramic flights over Rio in a helicopter are among the best gifts that travelers can give to themselves. These however are quite expensive, so ask for the price before booking.
  • Favela tours – many operators offer tours of Rochina, which is the largest farm area in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, placed between the districts of Gavea and Sao Concrado. It is built on a hillside with many trees that is steep and is overlooking the city. This will make an authentic experience, yet it is a bit risky, so organize the tour carefully.
  • Dance – another thing that travelers can do is to learn how to dance samba and capoeira. Samba is the national rhythm of Brazil and there are many samba dance schools where one can take lessons. Naturally, there are many night clubs when travelers can enjoy the samba dance. The capoeira dance is different – it is a mixture of dance and fighting that originates to the enslaved African community in the past. Special classes for beginners are available in Casa Rosa Cultural at Laranjeiras neighborhood.
  • Hiking and Trekking – a huge city like Rio that has a real forest within its limits is a great place for the hikers. The travelers that want to go hiking and trekking in Rio de Janeiro though, should try to go with a local, as some of the treks are not very well marked. Some of the most popular hiking trails in Rio de Janeiro include Parque Lage at Corcovado hill and Sugar Loaf hill – an easy and short hike popular among the locals.
  • Paragliding and Hang gliding – these flights are very popular in Rio de Janeiro. There are high hills ideal for that, as well as favorable wind. Quite different from the rest of the places in the world, this sport can be done in the urban area of Rio, where the landing can be done on the beach. How cool is that!
  • Shopping – this is a favorite free time activity in Rio de Janeiro and bargain is not only acceptable but also recommended when shopping on the streets. When the shopping is done in malls and stores, bargaining is not acceptable. Shopping malls can be found all over the city, the cheapest one placed in Zona Norte including Shopping Iguatemi and Shopping Tijuca malls. Upscale shopping can be done in Zona Sul at Shopping Leblon, Shopping Rio Sul and São Conrado Fashion Mall.
  • Dining out – when in Rio, travelers soon find out that the buffet style restaurants are quite popular here. In those restaurants the visitors pay the weight of the food they have on their plates. Also popular are the restaurants called Rodizio or – all you can eat. There are rodizio restaurants serving seafood, snacks, pizza, etc. Sushi is also very famous in the city as Brazil has the largest population of Japanese people. The seafood specialties are quite abundant as well – there are shellfish and clams to be tried, lobsters and shrimps, etc. In Rio are also to be found numerous juice bars with a great selection of fruit juices. Besides the fresh fruit juices, travelers should also try caipirinha – a drink made of the Brazilian liquor cachaça made of sugarcane juice, with added sugar, lime and ice cubes.


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