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Rio De Janeiro Places to Visit


Picturesque harbor, wide sandy beaches and fantastic mountains Rio de Janeiro deserves to be called the marvelous city and to be in the wish list of so many travelers. The second largest city in Brazil has a delightful natural setting, a long carnival season and friendly locals that love to party. Are already browsing the hotel accommodations in Rio and checking the car rental deals? Organize your stay and then make a list with the Rio de Janeiro places to visit during your vacation.


Rio De Janeiro Places to Visit

The places to be visited in Rio de Janeiro are numerous, as the city is full of historical landmarks, cultural sites, natural settings. Look at the most popular attractions in Rio de Janeiro, which are among the must visit places.


Christ the Redeemer – a symbol of the city, this statue is positioned on the top of 710 meter mountain Corcovado. Known in Brazil as the Cristo Redentor statue, it stands out with arms outstretched, looking over the city. Its construction has started in 1922 during the Art Deco era and is made of concrete and soapstone statue. It is believed to be the largest statue of its kind in the world. The foot of the mountain could be reached with the available public transport or with the holiday car hire that is rented. Then the visitors can either take the vertical cog train to reach the base of the summit or to climb hundreds of steps to the top. Escalators and elevators are also available to shorten the trip.


Copacabana Beach – immediately associated with Rio de Janeiro and the New Year’s Eve celebrations, this beach is separated from Ipanema beach to the west by Arpoador beach – a favorite place for the surfers. Copacabana is where one can watch the locals play a game of soccer or volleyball, or buy drinks and snacks from the vendors walking around. Nearby is Fort Copacabana and its wartime museum open to the public. The promenade is 4 km long and is ideal for walking and people watching.


Ipanema Beach – this long beach has soft white sand, featuring gently rolling waves. Considered to be one of the Best Beaches in the world for many years, it is bordered by a lovely promenade of shops, art galleries, theaters, cafés and restaurants and night clubs. The beach is part of the South Zone, lying between the beaches of Copacabana and Leblon.


Sugarloaf Mountain – it rises 400 meters above the mouth of Guanabara Bay, made of quartz and granite. The visitors can climb on the top through a glass cable car starting from Babilônia hill to Morro da Urca hill. Then the visitors should use the second cable car up to the mountain’s summit.


Jardim Botanico – the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro is located to the west of the Lagoa neighborhood. Built in the early 1800s, it houses more than 8,000 species of plants, including 600 species of orchids. Onsite are to be found many monuments and fountains, a Japanese garden and a water lilies pond, etc.


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