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Puerto Rico

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A fabulous Caribbean island, Puerto Rico has the status of a self-governing commonwealth of the United States of America. Positioned in the Caribbean Sea, it is placed to the west of the Virgin Islands and to the east of the Dominican Republic. Puerto Rico is located on the Mona Passage, the shipping path of the Panama Canal.


Almost completely independent from the 50 states, Puerto Rico has Caribbean culture with influence from the natives and from Spain. However, travelers cannot forget that they are still on US soil as the flag is everywhere and there are many shopping malls, large cars and basketball playgrounds.


Puerto Rico has mild tropical climate and temperatures varying from 21˚C to 32˚C. The rainfall is usually along the north coast and the hurricane is between the months of June and November. The country has mountainous terrain with a fertile coastal plain belt in the north and there are many small rivers, as well as high mountains. The sandy beaches are along most of the coast and are among the main reasons for the holiday makers to visit Puerto Rico. The finest way to see the island and all its beauties is by making car reservation and thus using the car rental services offered by the various local and international car rental companies.


The biggest cities in Puerto Rico 

The island of Puerto Rico is divided into four main regions. These include the main island of Puerto Rico, the small island to the west – Isla Mona, the rural island to the east Vieques and Culebra. The island features many cities and settlements, that could be seen with the provided cheap car rentals. Among the most visited are:

  • San Juan – the capital city of Puerto Rico, which has one of the biggest natural harbors in the Caribbean region. Travelers are welcome to check the vehicle rental at San Juan Airport.
  • Carolina – where are located plenty of hotels and casinos, as well as Isla Verde club scene and Luis Munoz Marin Airport
  • Bayamón, Caguas and Guaynabo
  • Guánica – to the south, where is placed the Dry Natural Forest (Bosque Seco de Guánica)
  • Lajas – with the bioluminescent bay in La Parguera
  • Ponce – the second-largest city of Puerto Rico
  • Rincon – the surfing capital city of the Caribbean
  • Luquillo – the place with the best public beach and a reef-protected swimming area with lovely views towards El Yunque Rainforest
  • Fajardo – this is a city with nice marina and bioluminescent bay and a place where ferries to Vieques and Culebra start
  • Rio Grande – that settlement is entrance to the Rainforest El Yunque
  • Aguadilla – ideal place for surfing and Thai Food


Driving in Puerto Rico

The roads in Puerto Rico are not well kept and most of them com with potholes, missing lane markings and large speed bumps, as well as uneven pavement. Travelers that decide to use an auto hire should be extra careful. The local drivers are quite careless, driving in an aggressive and dangerous manner. The speed limits are not often obeyed by the locals, but should be by the travelers as the fines are serious.


The parking in the cities is not easy and the traffic jams are around 8-10 am and between 4-6 pm. The road signs are in Spanish and the distances shown are in kilometers, though the speed limits are in miles. There is a free highway and four main toll roads that are faster than the regular highways. The other roads of Puerto Rico are narrow and not easy to drive through. The navigation is not easy, thus a good GPS device and a road map are necessary for those that plan to get rental vehicles.


Car rental tips for Puerto Rico (insider tips)

Holiday makers that are planning to see all parts of Puerto Rico and not just San Juan should get affordable car hire. Making a car reservation seems like the most convenient way to explore the island. The auto hire is possible at the airport terminal, at the large hotels and in many car rental companies’ offices in the cities. Cheap car rentals are very easy to find.


Travelers should take car rental insurance when they get an auto hire.


Mini Guide

In addition to all the places of interest offered by the big cities of Puerto Rico, travelers are also welcome to reach with their economy car rental these sites:

  • El Yunque National Forest
  • Caja de Muertos Island – that is an uninhabited island near the southern coast of Puerto Rico. The area is protected due to the native turtle traffic. It is visited mainly for hiking and beach activities on Ponce Playa.
  • Bosque Estatal de Guánica – being the largest remaining tract of tropical dry coastal forest in the world, being an international Biosphere Reserve in 1981.
  • San Juan National Historic Site – this site includes the forts San Cristóbal, San Felipe del Morro, and San Juan de la Cruz and also bastions and powder houses, and with part of the city wall.
  • Mona Island – it is placed off the west coast of the main island and is also halfway to the Dominican Republic. The island is secluded and inhabited by wildlife. Travelers are welcome to see it but only by appointment.
  • Rio Camuy Caverns – that site coms with a 45-minute guided walking tour of the main cave Cueva Clara.


Did you know?

  • Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, so no passport is needed if you are a USA citizen.
  • The allowed drinking age is 18.
  • The currency used is the US dollar.
  • All year round is perfect for visits as the weather is pleasant and the temperatures are the same.
  • Five Miss Universe winners from Puerto Rico.
  • Puerto Rico has the world’s largest telescope, placed at the Arecibo Observatory.
  • Good meals and drinks are available and the price asked for is very cheap.