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Car Rental Lisbon Airport

Lisbon rooftops

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Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal, and is the country’s architectural and cultural centre. With golden beaches, stunning coastal beauty and incredible nightlife scene, the city becomes a hub of tourist activity during the summer months.

The city also remains incredibly warm during the spring and autumn months and many visitors take advantage of this by visiting at these times when the city is not quite as busy.

A city filled with historical architectural beauty, Lisbon’s historic regions are filled with churches, museums, castles and libraries, and are also popular with foreign visitors and proves the point that the city really does cater to all age groups and cultural interests.

Arriving Lisbon Airport

Located only 10km from downtown Lisbon airport is the largest and busiest in the whole of Portugal, and taxi cabs from the airport to the heart of the city centre can be expected to cost around $15-$20 for the journey.

The airport becomes incredibly busy during the summer months, although it becomes far quieter out of season, when the tourist levels begin to decrease substantially.

Therefore, you can expect lengthy waits during peak tourist season, but a swift journey through the airport at all other times. Many visitors take advantage of Lisbon’s hot spring and autumn seasons by visiting the city during these quieter periods.

Car rental options are numerous and tend to move quickly, except in the stipulated busy periods, and there are numerous many bars, restaurants and shopping facilities available for visitors.

Driving In Lisbon

Complimenting the relaxed and easy-going nature of the city perfectly, Portugal offers a much more enjoyable driving experience than many other major international cities.

While you will probably need a rental car to navigate to all of Lisbon’s local attractions, many are in close proximity of each other, and it is recommended that you use the excellent public transport system when visiting the heart of the city centre to avoid traffic congestion at busy times.

Many of Lisbon’s more modern road networks are well-maintained and clearly signed for tourists.

Just be warned that the city’s more historical areas can be quite confusing to drive in, and an updated GPS system will make your life far easier when driving through these areas.

Lisbon Driving Tips

  • Drivers are responsible for all passengers wearing seatbelts. If pulled over, it is the driver who will be charged for failing to ensure that seatbelts are worn at all times.
  • As with elsewhere in Portugal, drink driving is strictly prohibited. You will be pulled over and charged if you attempt to drink while you are driving.
  • Portugese cars drive on the right side of the road. Only use the left lane while performing overtaking maneuvers.
  • Children under the age of 12 cannot sit in the front seat of the car. Also, all children under the age of 8 must have a car seat or booster seat in order to travel.

Things To Do In Lisbon

  • Castle Of Sao George – One of the city’s oldest and most well-loved castles, offering stunning mountain top scenery.
  • Bairro Alto – A hugely popular neighbourhood, filled with bars, restaurants and shopping precincts.
  • National Palace Of Pena – Take a guided tour through one of Lisbon’s most exclusive buildings.

Restaurants In Lisbon

  • BelcantoLargo de Sao Carlos, 10 Chiado, Lisbon 1200-410, Portugal
  • Frade Dos MaresAv. Dom Carlos I, 55-A, 1200-647, Lisbon 1200-647, Portugal
  • Wine Bar De CasteloRua Bartolomeu de Gusmao 13, St. George Castle, Lisbon, Portugal