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New Zealand

Car Hire New Zealand

Tempting car rental deals by international and local car rental companies for a wonderful trip to New Zealand!


Famous for its diverse natural beauty, New Zealand is a country of vast pasture land, jagged mountains and steep fiords, lakes full of trout, marvelous beaches and deep rivers, as well as volcanic zones. In fact, New Zealand islands are characterized as the most diverse bioregion with fauna and flora representatives that are nowhere else to be seen. Among them are the flightless birds, the burrowing parrot and the kiwi. The kiwi is among the national symbols of New Zealand, along with koru and the silver fern leaf.


New Zealand is sparsely populated country, yet it is easy to access and explore. The most comfortable way to do so is by making a car reservation and getting the best of the tempting car rental deals. The country has excellent transport networks and highways, well-developed airports and plenty of visitor facilities. Travelers visit New Zealand to enjoy its nature, and also to go bungee jumping, jet boating, and various other thrilling sports.


Often called the ‘Paradise of the Pacific’ and ‘God’s own country’, New Zealand is home to the Maori and their interesting culture, which still plays an important role in the everyday life of the locals. The climate is temperate with cold winters and warm summers, with maximum daily temperatures exceeding 30°C and falling below 0°C.


The biggest cities in New Zealand 

Being such a diverse country, New Zealand has many interesting regions and they are all worth to be seen. Thus, making a car booking seems the ultimate way to see the country from the comforts of an affordable car hire. Travelers usually split the country into two main islands and smaller offshore islands and try to spend enough time in each. These are South Island with its beech forests and fantastic beaches, fiords and glaciers; and North Island with its rolling farmland, sandy beaches and active volcanic peaks; most of the offshore islands are remote and uninhabited.


The biggest settlements in New Zealand are nine and they are all easily reachable with the rental vehicles that are offered.

  • Wellington – that is the national capital of New Zealand, known as ‘the Windy City’. There are plenty of landmarks to be seen here, including the free Te Papa museum.
  • Auckland – thee settlement is known as the ‘City of Sails’. Its metropolitan area has more than a million people and this makes it the largest in New Zealand.
  • Hamilton – that is the leafy city, some 130 km south of Auckland. It is popular with the fertile land and
  • the banks of the Waikato River.
  • Nelson – that is the friendly New Zealand area with longest sunshine hours and many affordable car rental deals at Nelson Airport. The city is surrounded by incredible coastal and mountain scenery, and features three national parks, many orchards and vineyards. The city is also known for its arts culture and for the rich cuisine. It is also a gateway to the motorcycle rides and races on the South Island, the craft brewing and the largest fishing port.
  • Rotorua – is the famous settlement of the Māori culture. It has geysers and lovely hot pools.
  • Napier – this is the so called ‘Art Deco capital’ that was destroyed by an earthquake and then rebuilt in style. The city is famous as a wine region, golf course center and wildlife sanctuary.
  • Christchurch – often called the ‘Garden City’, that is the second largest city in New Zealand.
  • Queenstown – without any doubt that is the adventure capital of the world. Travelers come here to ski and skydive, to do bungee jumps, as well as to do jet-boating trips.
  • Dunedin – in this city is concentrated the Scots heritage of the country. There is a chocolate factory and lovely tramping tracks. Car rental services at Dunedin Airport are also available.


Driving in New Zealand

New Zealand is a vast country with open country roads. It has a well-organized and perfectly maintained road system, but also narrow secondary roads and many bridges. Many local and international car rental companies operate at the airport terminal where available and in the offices in the cities. Travelers should be aware that they can reach most settlements in New Zealand using economy car rental in the form of a normal auto hire or a camper van.


The traffic in New Zealand is on the left side of the road and the typical New Zealand highways have one lane in each direction. What the vehicle rental drivers should know:

  • Drivers should obey the legal speed limits on the road signs. The maximum speed on the open road is 100km/h and on the urban areas – 50km/h.
  • The double yellow lines mean that it is too dangerous to overtake.
  • The seat belts or child restraints, both on front and on rear seats are obligatory for the driver and the passengers.
  • Drinking and driving is not allowed and serious fines are applied.
  • The road signs use international and the distances are shown in kilometers.
  • The legal drive age is 16.


Car rental tips for New Zealand (insider tips)

The car rental companies in New Zealand are both local and international big brands. These companies offer a fleet of rental vehicles and even if there is economy car rental available, some of the holiday car hire can be expensive.

The older rental cars however are offered at a cheaper price, so those who are looking for cheap car rentals in New Zealand will be able to find some. Companies offering car rental services require that the drivers have valid and full driving licenses and an age of 20 years at least.


Mini Guide

New Zealand has beautiful cities but also a great number of national parks, that can be easily reached with affordable car hire. The most famous include:

  • Abel Tasman National Park – with its golden sand beaches and options for kayaking
  • Aoraki Mount Cook National Park – plenty of hiking opportunities here and the country’s highest mountain
  • Coromandel Peninsula – fantastic beaches on a rugged coastline with many hiking opportunities
  • Hawke’s Bay – many wineries and art deco architecture
  • Tongariro National Park – two skifields and three volcanoes, place for hiking as well.
  • Wanaka – place for mountain biking and hiking, kayaking and canyoning, rock climbing, etc.