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Louisville Airport Car Rental

Louisville, KY skyline at dusk

Louisville Airport Car Rental, make your trip easy by comparing companies and rates on one website.

Louisville, Kentucky

Founded in 1778, Louisville is one of the oldest cities West of the Appalachian Mountains. It is very important you learn to pronounce the city name as the locals do, no one likes to have their hometown’s name butchered. People from Kentucky pronounce Louisville as Lou-a-vull, but Lewieville will pass as acceptable. Do not pronounce it Lewis-ville, this will offend anyone within hearing distance. Kentucky in general is well known for baseball, bourbon, and the Kentucky Derby. Louisville not only has all of those but is where they were born. Since Louisville is a larger city it is best to rent a car, if you haven’t selected a place a yet, airportcarrental365 is a great place to find deals.

Arriving at Louisville International Airport

Louisville International Airport serves both civilian and military passengers, located in the heart of Louisville it’s easy to find.

There are some tips that will make your arriving and departing experience a breeze.

  • Show up two hours prior to your flight.
  • Most airlines want your bags checked at least 45 minutes before boarding.
  • It’s best to be at your gate 20 minutes early.
  • Out of country travelers should check TSA guidelines to make sure they aren’t carrying on something questionable.
  • Remember that security has you take off your jackets, shoes, and socks.

There are a lot of shops and restaurants to kill excess time while waiting for your flight.

The car rental location is right by the baggage claim, arriving passengers should have no problem getting there. The transportation system in Louisville is not ideal, so investing in a rental car will make your adventure much easier.

Driving in Louisville

While driving in Louisville is pretty straightforward, these tips will help you make the most of your time there.

  • Avoid driving into the city center, it’s hard to park and traffic can be hectic. Instead take the trolley, they’re free and offer direct transport.
  • There are a lot of random one way streets, so check twice before you turn.
  • Do not tailgate people, they will brake check you and if you hit them it’s your fault.
  • Keep up with traffic or stay in the right lane on freeways.
  • You can turn right on red, if there is an opening in traffic.
  • Peak hours dissipate between 1030 am-3:00 pm on weekdays.
  • Weekends are always busy and there is no break in traffic.
  • Pre-navigate your route. it will save you a few headaches.
  • Don’t go past 8th street. Numerous locals and visitors advise this because this is the nasty area that every big city has.
  • Always wear a seat belt. There is a big fine for being caught without on one.

Things to do in Louisville

  • Kentucky Derby Museum– You can’t go to the home of the Kentucky Derby and not go to the museum. The museum is a great way for people to gain an understanding of this historical event, and prepare you for the actual event if you choose to go.
  • Old Louisville– Wandering around Old Louisville sends you back in time, beautiful Victorian style houses line the streets. The whole area exudes the famous image of traditional southern beauty. Spanish moss hangs from trees, the street lamps have flame candles, and the overall architecture is gorgeous. Old Louisville perfectly fits the description of southern money.
  • Louisville Slugger Museum– In the 1800’s Bud Hilreich introduced the Louisville slugger bat, later this same baseball bat would be made into the Official Bat of Major League Baseball. This museum is located partially on old company grounds and offers insight into how much America’s favorite pass time has been influenced by a baseball bat. A great place to take kids and Baseball fans a like.
  • Louisville Waterfront Park– Take a relaxing walk over the bridge and along the Ohio River. There are water fountains to cool off in if you visit during the blazing summer months. There is a lot to see during your stroll, old steamboats can be viewed leading historic tours, swinging seats are located along the trail for a scenic rest area, and the all American hot dog stands line the walk way.

Places to eat in Louisville

  • Hammerheads– If there is one thing the South does better than anyone, it’s food. While they are wonderful with food, they are better at meat particularly. Hammerheads offers real southern style meat, this means fried chicken, steaks, burgers, catfish, steaks ribs, and don’t forget about the steaks. You can’t go wrong with anything ordered from here, the price is affordable and the portions are massive. Of course, it wouldn’t be a southern style meal if it didn’t come with the fixings, and luckily Hammerheads offers all of them.
  • Best Bourbon Bar in Louisville– The title says it all, locals from Louisville are very picky about their bourbon and with good reason since they export one third of Americas bourbon. Locals and tourists alike have all come to the conclusion that this is where you can have the best Kentucky bourrbon experience. Reviews of the cuisine were also very positive, and as always southern food mixed with smooth bourbon gives people a feeling of complete comfort and euphoria that you’ll crave for years to come.