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Car Hire Latvia

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Situated in Northern Europe, Latvia is a Baltic State that is bordered by Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania and the Baltic Sea. Usually the travelers that are heading towards Latvia are visiting its capital city Riga, which is a World Heritage Site. However, there are many other lovely places that Latvia can offer to the holiday makers and they can be easily approached with the available airport rentals and the cheap car rentals in the cities.


Among the places that can be seen with the organized holiday car hire are to be included the once secret military town of Karosta, which offers a unique experience, as well as a lovely beach; the widest waterfall in Europe called Kuldiga and the medieval castle of Cesis. Latvia is famous for its nature parks and trails, and for its beautiful and well-preserved sea coast that is 500 km long and features white and soft sandy beaches. The coast of Latvia is also famous for obtaining amber. The country is known for its rich wildlife, its many lakes, deep river valleys, sand cliffs and ecologically clean zones.


Travelers usually head to Latvia in the period between June and September, when the weather is warm and pleasant. That is why making car booking in advance during these months is advisable. Almost no tourists are to be seen in the months of January and February. In the late autumn months of October and November the days are short and there are autumn rains.


The biggest cities in Latvia 

Latvia is a country with serious social and cultural differences between its regions, yet all those regions are diverse and have unique heritage. Travelers are welcome to organize their economy car rental and to visit the following big cities in Latvia, as well as the other places of interest around:

  • Riga – this is the capital city of Latvia, featuring more than 800 years of history. Here is located the famous holiday suburb of Jurmala. For car rental deals at Riga Airport, check the deals.
  • Daugavpils – that is the second biggest city in Latvia. It has many industries and operating factories.
  • Kuldiga – that lovely settlement is known as the ‘pearl of Kurzeme’, placed in the western region of Latvia.
  • Karosta – that is an interesting former secret military town located between a lake and the sea. It is visited for the summer event – Baltic Beach Party in July. The area is known for its white and soft sandy beach.
  • Liepaja – this is the so called ‘music city’. It is placed on the windy Baltic sea coast.
  • Ventspils – being among the busiest ports in Europe.
  • Madona – that is a small and very scenic town, placed in eastern Vidzeme, which is surrounded by lakes, forests and hills. It is also the Latvian capital of winter sports.
  • Sigulda – that is a popular town in Latvia with many historic places and interesting castles. It can be reached with the available auto hire.


Driving in Latvia

Driving an auto hire in Latvia is safe and pleasant in general. The country has one very important road known as Via Baltica, which connects the capital Riga to the cities of Warsaw and Tallinn, Kaunas, etc. The allowed age for getting a driving license in Latvia is 18 years. All driving licenses issued in countries from the European Union are accepted for a period of 6 months. The drivers of vehicle rentals should follow these rules while in Latvia:

  • The seatbelts are compulsory on all seats that have a belt.
  • The children under 150 cm of height are required to use the special seat and seat belts.
  • The speed limits are as follows: 50 km/h for the urban areas, 90 km/h for the normal roads and 100 km/h for the dual carriageways.
  • Drink driving is not acceptable. The allowed alcohol in the blood is 0.05%.
  • Parking in the city centers usually requires a fee. Free parking is available at the underground parking area in some shopping centers.


Car rental tips for Latvia (insider tips)

Various car rental companies have offices on the territory of Latvia, including local and international companies. Airport rentals are available as well and they all offer car hire insurance, which is needed. The holiday makers should use the headlights of their vehicle rental all year round. Naturally winter tyres are required for the winter period. The gas stations are on self-service and operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Mini Guide

Besides the cities already described, which are in the focus of the travelers, other sites of Latvia deserve attention as well. These include:

  • Latvijas Etnografiskais Brivdabas Muzejs – that is an open air museum that presents the traditional culture of the Latvian tribes. It is located near Riga.
  • Livu Akvaparks – that is the biggest water attraction to be seen in Northern Europe.
  • Karostas Citums – that is an interesting site as it shows a real Soviet prison and live prison show. Spending one night in prison is also available. The site can be reached with the affordable car hire and is located in the Karosta suburb of Liepaja.
  • In Latvia are to be found many old castles, manors and palaces as well.


Did you know?

  • More than 50% of Latvia is covered by forest. The country is among the environmentally friendly states in the world.
  • In Latvia are born many beauties and in fact the country has one of the highest rates of fashion models in the world.
  • The jeans were invented by the Latvian-Jewish tailor Jākobs Jufess, who was later supported financially by Levi Strauss.
  • The internet speed in Latvia ranks 5th fastest in the world.
  • In Latvia is organized one of the largest dance and song festivals in the world with more than 40 000 participants.
  • Ice Hockey is a very popular sport in Latvia, almost as famous as in Canada and Finland.
  • The Latvian culture is still following many Baltic pagan traditions, including the celebration of the Summer solstice.