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Car Rental Brindisi Airport

View on the center of Ostuni, Puglia, Italy

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Are You in Need of Car Rental at Brindisi Airport?

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Brindisi is a beautiful city in south Italy, located in the region of Apulia, off the coast to the Adriatic Sea. In the past the city has played a major role in the trade and culture of Italy, thanks to its strategic location and its natural port for trade with the Middle East and Greece. Today the city has preserved its beautiful coastline with sand dunes and beaches and its important archaeological finds. The local economy depends on the wines and olive oils that are produced in the area, as well as on the tourists.

Arriving at Brindisi Airport

The official name of Brindisi Airport is Papola-Casale Airport and it is situated only 6 km outside of the city center. This airport is served by Alitalia, My Air, Air Berlin, Alpi Eagles, TuiFly, and Ryanair, and AirOne. It handles daily flights to major cities in Italy and in Europe.


Brindisi Airport is rather small and is not difficult to navigate. It has an airport terminal with an airport map, as well as a number of facilities, including several offices of rental car companies. An automobile hire is also possible from the website airportcarrental365 which is further provides car hire comparison and displays car rental reviews. Besides airport rentals, airport shuttle is also available.

Driving in Brindisi

Driving in Italy can be a challenge, as the Italians can be very aggressive drivers. Foreigners that decide to get on of the airport rentals as they land at Papola-Casale Airport can use the driving licenses issued by the EU member states and those that are coming outside Europe can use the international driving permit.

  • In order to drive in Italy, one should be 18 years of age or older.
  • Driving is on the right and overtaking is on the left.
  • Dipped headlights are applied on the two lane motorways.
  • Usage of seatbelts in front and rear seats is compulsory.
  • At crossings, the vehicles that are approaching from the right always have right of way.
  • The speed limits are urban areas 50 km/h; minor out-of-town roads 90 km/h; major out-of-town roads 110 km/h; motorways 130 km/h.
  • Driving with more blood alcohol content superior to 0.5 grammes per litre is not permitted.


Things To Do & See in Brindisi

Brindisi city is situated between two deep bays and is inked to the sea through the Castello Rosso or the Red Castle. The places of interest to be seen there include:

  • The Swabian Castle, which is a venue for different cultural events;
  • The Church of San Giovanni al Sepolcro – a beautifully decorated marble portal;
  • The Roman Column;
  • The city of Ostuni nearby, which is very beautiful, surrounded by olive trees and lovely old town.

Other things to do and see include a visit at the sandy beaches along the coast of the Adriatic sea, Further interesting is the WWF Oasis of Torre Guaceto, which has a habitat for wild ducks, snipes, nightingales, marine plant species, coral and sea fans. Other interesting sites are:

  • Egnazia Archaeological Park 
  • The 13th Century Castle of Oria
  • The Sanctuary of San Cosimo 
  • The small towns nearby including San Vito dei Normanni,  Francavilla Fontana,  Mesagne,  and Ceglie Messapica
  • The largest wildlife park in Italy is placed near Fasano
  • The spas of Torre Canne with their healing therapies and beauty treatments
  • The area around Brindisi city is ideal for walking and cycle trekking, snorkeling and scuba diving, yoga, etc.
  • Visiting one of the local Brindisi restaurants is an absolute must as the cuisine here is amazing. The fish, the oysters, the blue sweet pea, the extra-virgin olive oils and the special wines, the mature cheeses, the mandorla riccia (curly almond) are all fantastic to be tried.


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