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Car Hire The Netherlands

Economy car rental is offered for the holiday-makers planning a trip to The Netherlands! Interesting car rental deals are provided by many international and local car rental companies which operate in the country!

Often simply referred to as Holland or Dutch, The Netherlands is a beautiful European country that borders Belgium and Germany. The Netherlands is a country with small territory where live 16 million residents, which makes it a densely populated country. In the past the country had a strong naval power and today enjoys a rich cultural heritage. It is famous for its windmills, its flat lands and fields of tulips, its popular painters, canals, coffee shops and clogs.

The most visited city in the country is the capital Amsterdam, though the country has many other interesting cities as well including Rotterdam, Delphi, The Hague, etc. The Netherlands today is a modern country with liberal mentality and international character, with lovely atmosphere and delightful sites that could be seen with the available economy car rental. Travelers can either book the airport rentals or make car reservation of the holiday car hire, available by the car rental companies that operate on the territory of the country.

The biggest cities in Holland

A constitutional monarchy, the Netherlands is divided into 12 provinces. And even if the country is small in size, the provinces are quite diverse with interesting linguistic and cultural differences. There are many cities in The Netherlands that provoke the interest of the holiday makers and travelers and most  of them could be explored with the car rental services at Schiphol Airport. The most visited settlements include:
• Amsterdam – the capital city of The Netherlands has interesting architecture, romantic canals, numerous museums and quite liberal atmosphere.
• Delft – this is a well-preserved historic town known for its world-famous blue and white ceramics
• The Hague – that is the judicial capital of the world, where are located the royal family and the seat of government.
• Arnhem – that is a beautiful green city on the Rhine with lovely mansions and old quarters, home to various cultural events.
• Maastricht – that city is famous for its fortified medieval center and its interesting architecture and atmosphere.
• Rotterdam – this city is known for its modern architecture, vibrant art scene, as well as vibrant nightlife. In Rotterdam is located the largest port of Europe.
• Utrecht – this town has a marvelous historic center with antique stores.
• Groningen – that is a student city with a very relaxed atmosphere and exciting nightlife.
• Nijmegen – that is the oldest city in The Netherlands, known for huge student population
• Leiden – that is a historic student city, home to the oldest university in the country and three national museums.

Driving in The Netherlands

Using an economy car rental is a wonderful way to explore all the beauties and sites of The Netherlands. The country has good road connections from Germany and Belgium and further comes with ferry connections to the Great Britain.

Driving in The Netherlands is pleasant since the country has a well-maintained and nicely organized road network. The travelers can either book an affordable car hire from the airport rentals offered, or they can get holiday car hire from the local and international car rental companies that have offices in the country, where all rental vehicles will come with car hire insurance.

Making a car reservation is a smart way to explore the countryside and those places that could not be reached with the public transport including the islands in the North Sea, some parts of Zeeland and Veluwe. The motorway in the country is extensive with congestions during the peak hours. The roads in The Netherlands have enough and understandable signs and the driving is on the right side. The parking lots can be limited in number.

Car rental tips for The Netherlands (insider tips)

The markings, road rules and road signs in The Netherlands are similar to those in the other European countries. The urban driving of the holiday car hire could be time consuming and expensive, especially in the big cities since the roads are narrow with many speed bumps and anti-parking poles. The differences that need to be taken into consideration include:
• When at unmarked intersections the traffic coming from the right always has priority. This traffic includes bicycles, horses, motorized bicycles, small mopeds and electric wheelchairs.
• The cycle paths are clearly marked and can be seen throughout the country.
• The bridges are usually narrow.
• The cyclists do not always follow the rules or traffic lights, so preventive driving is important.
• Pedestrians are often protruding on the road or are crossing in dangerous areas.
• Parking in the city centers is challenging and expensive.

Mini Guide

In addition to the main cities in The Netherlands that are included in the must-see list of the holiday makers, the other places that travelers need to visit using their automobile rental, include:
• Efteling – the fairytale theme park with elves and dwarves.
• Keukenhof – these wonderful slower fields feature more than 800 000 visitors each spring.
• Kinderdijk – these are the windmills that are typical part of the Dutch landscape.
• Texel – that is the largest island in the country, perfect for suited for walking and cycling, swimming and horse riding.
• South Limburg – this area features picturesque villages and hilly green landscapes, orchards and castles.
• Schokland – that is an old island that has been evacuated in 1859. Today it has some nicely preserved ghost village.
• Zaanse Schans – being an open air museum with interesting Zaan houses and Dutch windmills.
• Waterland and Zaan Region – featuring typical Hollandic villages with wooden houses and windmills
• Hoge Veluwe National Park — Hoge Veluwe National Park –that is the largest national park in the country, coming with woodlands, heathlands, and sand dunes.

Did you know?

• The Netherlands has the highest population density of 493 inhabitants per square km water excluded. The Dutch people are the tallest in the world. The average height of men is 184 cm and of women – 170 cm.
• The Dutch national anthem is the oldest in the world, written and first used in 1568.
• The windmills in the Netherlands are 1180 in number.
• New York City started as Dutch colony called New Amsterdam. Many places names in New York remind of the Dutch origins of the city.
• Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, yet the prostitutes must be at least 18 years of age and their clients – at least 16 years of age.
• The soft drugs are legal in the Netherlands.
• From The Netherlands come many world-class painters including Rembrandt, Jan Steen, Jan Vermeer, Vincent van Gogh.
• In The Netherlands were invented the microscope and the telescope, the pendulum clock and the mercury thermometer. Gin was also invented here as a medicine at first.
• The audio tape, the video tape, the Compact Disk and the CD-ROM were invented by the Dutch company ‘Philips’.
• Tulips were imported from the Ottoman Empire and now the country is the first producer and exporter of tulips in the world.
• The Nederland’s is also the largest beer exporter in the world, with 1.3 billion liters of beer sold abroad.