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Car Rental Thessaloniki Greece

Panoramic view of Thessaloniki city, Greece.

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Thessaloniki is the second largest city Greece, with many tourist visiting every year to see the wonders it has to offer. Surrounded by buildings and landmarks that remind us of the history it has endured, there is also a mix of modern metropolitan charisma. Seated right on the Thermaic gulf of the Aegean Sea, Thessaloniki is also an important international port. While wandering around the city you can see the remnants of the Byzantine, Roman, and Ottoman empires that built the city many years ago.

Arriving at Thessaloniki International Airport

The Thessaloniki International Airport is the second largest airport in Greece, serving roughly five million passengers a year. The airport itself is very easy to navigate and is composed of three floors. The ground floor houses arrivals, making navigation to the baggage claim and car rental area quick and easy. The first floor is where all the departure terminals are located, and due to the size of the airport it is best to show up two hours prior to your flight. The top floor is where all the shops and restaurants are located, giving you a lot of options to pass time waiting for your flight.

If you do decide to rent a car, rest assured that travelers have had pleasant experiences with each rental company in the airport. However, it is advised that if you book online, to call and confirm your booking.

Driving in Thessaloniki

Driving in Thessaloniki is generally easy, but these tips will ensure your experience is a breeze.

  • Pay to park in parking lots, it’s inexpensive and ensures you won’t get fined for accidentally parking illegally.
  • Do not leave valuables in your car. Thessaloniki does not have a high crime rate, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Locals tend to double park, do not follow that example as it is illegal.
  • Motorcycles and scooters are everywhere, watch out for them as thy tend to weave in and out of traffic at varying speeds.
  • As with all larger cities it is advisable to stay out of city centers during peak hours.
  • When you park try to park away from people if possible, as locals may double park next you and block you in.
  • Traffic from the right has the right of way, Unless there is a stop sign.
  • The person in the roundabout must give right of way to people entering the roundabout.
  • In downtown some of the roads are already narrow, and then have cars parked on both sides of the street. This makes it so only on car can drive along that street, there are also pedestrians crossing at random places so be alert.

Things to do in Thessaloniki

  • Ladadika– Take a stroll through time down this cobbled street surrounded by older buildings and locally owned shops, while being serenaded by live music.
  • The Modiano Market– A lively local market offers many locally owned shops with everything you could ever hope to buy. It is well known for their food and friendly shop owners, this is a must for people wanting to experience a bit of Thessaloniki’s culture. The market does close at 4pm, so get there early.
  • The Greek Agora and Roman Forum– Walk through Thessaloniki’s history and see what this incredible city use to be, while gaining a new appreciation for what it has become. The ruins are very well preserved, but they are not always open and usually close by 3pm. It is a good idea to call or go online and check times before you head over.

Places to eat in Thessaloniki

  • Palati3 Ladadika | Morihowou Square, Thessaloniki 54625,Greece. A lively restaurant that serves wonderful traditional food, while the ambiance of the place is set by the live music that is played on a daily basis. Travelers and locals a like enjoy this place, while reviewing the service as very attentive.
  • Bougatsa BantisPanagias Faneromenis 33 | Kalithea, Thessaloniki54632, Greece. This charming, family owned bakery has a friendly atmosphere and great food. With many options to choose from you can be rest assured that anything you order will not only be delicious , but will also come in a large portion and at a very low price. 
  • Rouga28, Karipi, Thessaloniki, Greece. Reviews have raved about this restaurants amazing traditional cuisine, that comes in large portions, at a great price, and with excellent service.