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Car Hire Greece

Quality car rental is available for all travelers heading to Greece for their holidays! Fantastic car rental deals are offered by the car rental companies that are operating at the airport terminal stations and in the cities!

Situated in Southern Europe, Greece is positioned on the southernmost tip of the Balkan Peninsula. The country is known for its extensive coastline and islands in the Ionian, Mediterranean and Aegean Sea. Greece is bordering Bulgaria and Albania, Macedonia and Turkey. It has an ancient culture with a great influence on the language, arts, philosophy, sports and politics.

Greece is in the focus of the attention of the holiday makers thanks to its mountainous mainland and its marvelous island beaches, its historical sites and cultural landmarks, its wine-producing valleys and olive orchards, its pleasant weather, tasty food and vibrant nightlife. In fact, the country is among the top 20 holiday destinations in the world, receiving millions of tourists each year usually twice the number of the local population with peak season being in July and August. The travelers that have chosen Greece for their holidays should better organize the car reservation in advance. Interesting car rental deals are available by the local and international car rental companies.

The biggest cities in Greece

Greece can be divided in five main regions, these being Central and Northern Greece, Attica with the capital Athens, the Greek Islands, Crete Island and The Peloponnese. All these regions of Greece offer plenty to be seen, which can be done in comfort by the available best car hire that is offered. The main settlements in Greece, where from car rental services can be organized at, include:
• Athens – that is the capital and also the largest city in Greece, famous for the Parthenon and all the historical sites. There are many car rental locations in Athens, as well as car rental deals at Athens Airport.
• Thessaloniki – that is the second largest settlement in Greece, an important city in Northern Greece and the Macedonia region. Rental vehicles are available at Thessaloniki Greece.
• Heraklion – that is the most populated city in Crete Island, a main hub including the Knossos archaeological site.
• Rhodes – is a huge city with well-preserved medieval structures, long and wide beaches and hectic nightlife.
• Patra – being the 3rd most populated city, preferred by travelers for the locally produced wines and the carnival.
• Chania – this city is situated in the island of Crete and is set close to lovely beaches and the Samaria National Park. Travelers welcome to make car hire comparison and get an auto hire from Chania Airport.
• Kavala – that coastal port city features a marvelous old town.

For Crete island, the travelers should look for the economy car rental at Kefalonia Airport for the Ionian Islands.

Driving in Greece

Holiday makers that plan to explore Greece by an affordable car hire, will find out that the terrain is scenic and varied with islands, coastlines, well-marked roads and a good network of freeways with many lanes. The roads’ condition in Greece is good in general and the road lanes are usually kept, however at night they are not always considered.

Since Greece is a mountainous country, many of the roads are curvy and travelers have to be careful when choosing the automobile rental that best correspond to their needs. The auto hire fees are considered high and the gas prices are high as well. Travelers heading to Athens should be aware that the traffic there is serious and parking of the vehicle rental can be very difficult.

Driving in Greece, both in the mainland and on the islands, is pleasant for those who can drive defensively. Yet, driving in Athens is more difficult and driving by the rules in the capital is seen as weakness.

Car rental tips for Greece (insider tips)

Organizing car reservation in Greece is easy, since just a valid national driving license is needed and there are airport rentals and various offices of car rental companies in the cities. These are some important things that the drivers should be aware of:
• Most of the rental vehicles come with manual transmission.
• The driving should be kept to the right.
• The road signs are in Greek and in English.
• The speed limit for the residential areas is 50 km/h and on the highways it is 100 – 120 km/h.

Mini Guide

Greece is a very popular tourist destination, as it has plenty to offer to the travelers. Some of them come for the cultural sightseeing and visits to the historical and archeological sites, other prefer the long beaches and thee numerous opportunities for water sports, yet others com for the tasty food and wine and the great nightlife. Besides the main cities already mentioned, these are the other places that deserve to be visited with the best car hire offered:
• Corfu – a lovely and very large island with numerous attractions.
• Santorini – a volcanic island, being one of the most beautiful in the world; famous for its views, towns and sunsets.
• Thasos – a marvelous island full of greenery, high mountains and forests.
• Rhodes – an island with lovely beaches and ancient monuments.
• Mykonos – a preferred vacation center.
• Olympia – this is the ancient Olympic games site.
• Meteor – a great site with Byzantine monasteries set on the top of large natural sandstone rock pillars, offering breathtaking scenery.
• Ithaca – the island is home to Odysseus.

Did you know?

• Greece has more than 250 days of sunshine, which is 3 000 sunny hours per year.
• Approximately 7% of the marble that is produced in the world is coming from Greece.
• Greece features more international airports than most of the countries because so many foreign travelers want to visit the country.
• About 12 million people around the world are speaking Greek.
• Alexander the Great was the first Greek ruler who put his own face on the Greek coins.
• Greece has more than 2 000 islands, where approximately 170 of them are populated. Greece’s largest island is Crete.
• Greek workers are entitled to at least one month of paid vacation every year.
• Athens is one of the oldest cities in Europe, being continuously inhabited for over 7 000 years. It is the birthplace of democracy and Western philosophy, the Olympic Games and the Western literature, the major mathematical principles, and the Western theories of tragedy and comedy.
• Greece has one of the largest varieties of wildlife in all of Europe.