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Car Rental Stuttgart Airport

Square Schlossplatz, Stuttgart, Germany

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The capital of the district Baden – Wurttemberg in Germany, is the city of Stuttgart. The metropolitan area of the city is home to around 3 million people and the number of tourists visiting is also high. This makes Stuttgart the sixth largest city in Germany. Stuttgart is lying approximately an hour away from the Black Forest and from the Swabian Jura Mountains. Its center is located in a valley of deep greenery, which is set amidst woodland and vineyards.


Travelers come to Stuttgart for various reasons, including sightseeing and visits to the car museums of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. The locals are very friendly, always eager to help. In fact, Stuttgart is a big city but it has a very pleasant, small-town atmosphere.

Arriving at Stuttgart Airport

All flights to the city of Stuttgart are served by Stuttgart International Airport. It lies approximately 13 km south of the city center, in Leinfelden – Echterdingen area. The airport handles regular direct and low cost airlines and offers connections to all major cities in Germany, as well as to many other European cities. The airport is connected to other destinations outside Europe through the airline hubs Paris Charles de Gaulles and London Heathrow.


The airport features a number of facilities, including shops and cafes, dining places, ATMs and airport car parking. Airport rentals and airport shuttle services are also available. The travelers can also find offices of car rental companies. Naturally, vehicle rental can further be booked in advance through the website airportcarrental365.


Other means of transport to reach the center of Stuttgart are offered by the S-Bahn and several bus lines.


Driving in Stuttgart

Driving in Stuttgart can be very pleasant, as the roads are very well maintained and the scenery around while driving is very beautiful. The rules and regulations that need to be observed, however, are many:

  • The basic speed limit allowed is 50 km/h in the residential areas and 100 km/h for the rest of the roads.
  • Parking inside Stuttgart in the parking blocks is paid, but some of them are closed during late night.
  • The street layout and the numerous tunnels could be confusing for the tourists.
  • The daily rush hours are between 07.30 and 9.30 a.m. and 4.30 and 6.30 p.m. and traffic jams are quite possible.



Things to Do & See in Stuttgart

Stuttgart is a beautiful city and the things that can be seen and done there are many. Among the must-visit places can be included:

  • Mercedes-Benz factory – that is the center of Mercedes-Benz manufacture, with some 40,000 employees on site. An impressive place indeed! Mercedes-Benz Museum is also to be seen onsite.
  • Staatsgalerie Stuttgart – with two exhibitions in different buildings – Art from 1500 to 1900 and Modern art.
  • Lindenmuseum – an ethnological museum with a nice collection of masks from the pacific.
  • Wilhelma – zoological and botanical gardens with weird flowers and monkeys.
  • Planetarium – for a great astronomical journey projected by optical high-tech equipment.
  • Buildings that have been damaged during the Second World War and were then rebuilt like the Old Palace Altes Schloss, Stiftsfruchtkasten, Alte Kanzlei, Prinzenbau, Wilhelmspalais, Markthalle and Staatstheater (Grosses Haus), etc.



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