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Car Hire Germany

Holiday makers can find tempting car rental deals available thanks to the local and international car rental companies operating in Germany!

Being the largest country in Central Europe, Germany is bordered by Denmark and Poland, by the Czech Republic, by Switzerland and Austria, by Luxembourg and France, by the Netherlands and Belgium. The country is a federation of 16 states with diverse historical regions. It is among the major nations in Europe with great influence on the rest of the world in terms of culture and economy.

Germany is known to the travelers for its historical sites, the Oktoberfest and the beer culture, the alpine resorts, etc. Most of the cities in Germany have strong lesbian and gay communities. The locals are friendly, yet according to the stereotype they are also cold and stubborn. Since the country is large in size and has many places of interest that are worth to be seen, the holiday-makers should make a car reservation in advance, so that they can make most of the available car rental deals and visit all landmarks in comfort.

The biggest cities in Germany

As federal republic Germany comprises of 16 states, where three of them are city-states – Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen. The country has many places that are of interest to the travelers, yet nine of them are the most visited ones. All these settlements can be explored with the airport rentals or the available and affordable car hire.
• Berlin – this is the capital city of Germany that was once divided into two by the Berlin Wall during the Cold War. Nowadays, Berlin is a metropolitan city with great atmosphere and diversity of shops, clubs, galleries and restaurants.
• Cologne – this settlement was founded 2000 years ago by the Romans. It features a delightful well-preserved cathedral, many archaeological sites and Romanesque churches.
• Frankfurt – this city is the seat of the European Central Bank and features many skyscrapers. Try the Car hire agency options at Fran.
• Dresden – this beautiful city is often compared to Florence and is famous for its rebuilt historic center and its Frauenkirche.
• Hamburg – this is the second largest city in Germany which has a large harbor, very tolerant culture and numerous nightclubs and casinos.
• Düsseldorf – this city is the capital of fashion in Germany. It has fascinating new architecture and exciting nightlife. Try the quality car rental available at the airport terminal and in many city locations.
• Munich — the capital city of Bavaria region is a gateway to the Alps and home of the famous Oktoberfest. Explore the city with the vehicle hire offers.
• Bremen – this is an important city in northern Germany, with a charming old town.
• Nuremberg – a lovely town with an old historic center and a Gothic Kaiserburg Castle.

Travelers can try the car rental services available at the Stuttgart Airport as well.

Driving in Germany

Germany is known for its excellent network of roadways and autobahns that have many sections with no speed limits. In fact Germany has the sixth largest freeway network in the world. The country is very proud with the locally manufactured vehicles, which are world famous for their safety and quality. Car booking of such automobiles is possible and is expected to make the journey around the places of interest very pleasant.

The drivers in Germany are welcome to use the fuel stations at the autobahn, which are very convenient and accept credit and debit cards.

Car rental tips in Germany (insider tips)

The German airports offer airport rentals, however car rentals services are offered by local and international car rental companies in the cities as well. The one-way rentals are also permitted. In general, thee automobile hire in Germany comes with a stick-shift, though there are also cars with an automatic gearbox. The traffic rules that apply and should be taken into account include:
• The foreign licenses are accepted for 6-month periods. After that a German license is required.
• Turning right on red is only permitted when there is a sign with a green right arrow on the traffic light.
• Passing is only on the left.
• Usage of mobile phones while driving is forbidden.
• Children under the age of 12 and shorter than 150 cm must use a child safety seat.
• Stopping at pedestrian crossings (known as ‘zebra stripes’) is mandatory.
• The acceptable alcohol limit in the blood is 0.05 % and 0 % for drivers under 21 years of age.
• The speed limits are 30 km/h in most residential areas within cities; 50 km/h inside towns and cities; 100 km/h outside towns and cities; 130 km/h on the autobahn.

Mini Guide

Besides the main cities of Germany that are worth to be seen, there are some other interesting sites that should not be missed as well. Travelers are welcome to get one of the cheap car rentals and make most of their stay in Germany:
• Baltic Sea Coast – for its long sandy beaches, lavish resorts and picturesque islands.
• Bavarian Alps – where is located the famous Neuschwanstein Castle and some of the finest skiing and snowboarding resorts of Germany, with ideal options for hiking and mountain biking.
• Black Forest – this region features panoramic views and wide mountain peaks.
• East Frisian Islands – these are the twelve islands in the Wadden Sea.
• Franconian Switzerland – this area reminds of the beauty of Switzerland, yet it is fat less expensive.
• Lake Constance – this is a very beautiful area in Central Europe, with wonderful towns and villages.
• Romantic Road – this is a theme route over 400 km in length located in southern Germany, which passes near many historical castles.

Did you know?

• With a population of 82 million, Germany is the most populous European country (except Russia).
• German people are the second biggest consumers of beer in the world, after the Czechs.
• Germany has approximately 700 zoological gardens, wildlife parks, aquariums, bird parks, animal reserves, or safari parks.
• In Germany has been discovered the insulin and invented the clarinet, the automated calculator, the pocket watch, the light bulb, as well as the television, the petrol/gasoline and the Diesel engines, the automobile and the motorcycle, the LCD screen and the Walkman.
• Frankfurt International Airport has the world record for the largest number of international destinations served.