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Car Hire France

Travelers are welcome to get the best car hire by making a car reservation using the offered car rental deals for their trip to France!

For more than 20 years, France has been the most popular tourist destination in the world, visited by millions of travelers each year. It is a country that people love to spend their holidays in, making most of the historical sites and cultural landmarks, and enjoying the local fashion, food, coffee and wine.

France is located in Western Europe and is bordering Luxembourg and Belgium, Switzerland and Germany, Andorra and Spain. The country is connected to the United Kingdom through the English Channel. The country is mostly flat with gently rolling hills to the north and west, while in the west are Pyrenees and to the east are the Alps, Jura and Vosges.

Geographically France has diverse territory with many major tourist attractions. Besides the capital Paris, the other spots that provoke the attention of the travelers include the romantic French Riviera and the Atlantic beaches, the castle in Loire Valley, Normandy and Brittany, as well as the mountain resorts in the French Alps. Since France has such a vast territory, the best way to see it is by getting an affordable car hire. The car rental companies that operate in France are well-equipped with a variety of rental vehicles. Car hire comparison is easy to make and there are tempting car rental deals available.

The biggest cities in France

France comprises of 22 administrative regions that can be grouped into seven cultural zones. Each of the administrative regions is then divided into a different number of departments. The country has numerous cities that provoke the interest of the travelers and which can be easily reached with the holiday car hire.
The must see cities in France that are in the focus of interest of the travelers and which are easily accessible with the affordable car hire:
• Paris – known as the City of Light, the romance and the famous Eiffel Tower. For Paris, travelers can make Car Rental search that is offered here.
• Bourges – that lovely city features a cathedral listed as part of UNESCO heritage site and is known for its gardens and canals.
• Bordeaux – this city is popular with the traditional stone mansions and the delightful wine.
• Lyon – this is the second city in the country the history of which dates back from the Roman times.
• Lille – this is a dynamic city in the north with a lovely center and very active cultural life.
• Nantes – that is the greenest city in France and the best place to live in Europe. Nantes Airport provides interesting car rental deals.
• Marseille — is the third largest city in France with a harbor. See the automobile rental options here.
• Toulouse — the so called ‘pink city’ has distinctive brick architecture.
• Strasbourg – that city has a historical center and is home to many European institutions.


Other good offers are available at Bergerac Airport and Biarritz Airport, as well as at Limoges Airport and Nice Airport.

Driving in France

The roads in France range from major highways to narrow single-lane roads. Since most of the cities and towns in France have been built before the flourishing of the automobile industry, their centers are unwieldy for cars The scenic roads in the mountain areas are narrow and winding as well. That is why when making car reservation, travelers should pick small and affordable car hire which with they can not only reach all places of interest but also park them easily.
The traffic in the big cities is quite intense. The traffic on the motorways is terrible on the Black Saturday when start and end the school holidays. Most vehicles in France, including the automobile rental come with stick shifts. The drivers that want to drive automatic should say so during the car reservation process.

Car rental tips for France (insider tips)

• The driving in the country is on the right. The roundabouts are very popular in France.
• The driving age for France is 18 years.
• The traffic lights go from green to red and vice versa directly.
• A driver of a vehicle hire in which the passengers are not wearing seatbelts will get a fine.
• Children under 10 years of age should be seated in a special seat, suitably adapted to their size and weight.
• The normal speed limit on French motorways is 130 km/hr or 110 km/hr in rain; on dual carriageways is 110 km/hr; on main roads is 90 km/hr and in built-up areas is 50 km/hr.

Mini Guide

Travelers who head to France are interested in all main cities already described. Among the other sites that deserve to be seen in the country, all of which being easily accessible with a holiday car hire, include:
• French Riviera – also known as Côte d’Azur, is the Mediterranean coastline of France that has incredible upper class seaside resorts with yacht ports and golf courses.
• French Alps – here is located Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Western Europe.
• Disneyland Paris – without doubt, that is the most visited attraction in Europe.
• Loire Valley – this part of France is known for its castles and wines.
• Corsica – the island is a birthplace of Napoleon and has distinct culture and language.
• Camargue – this is Europe’s largest river deltas and wetlands.
• Mont Saint Michel – being the second most-visited sight in France with a monastery built on a tiny rock in the sand that is cut off from the mainland at high tide.
• Verdon Gorge – that being a beautiful river canyon, perfect for kayaking, hiking, rock-climbing.

Did you know?

• France is the largest country in the European Union featuring an area of 551 000 square km and almost one quarter is covered by forest.
• France still retains 15 territories overseas such as French Guiana, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Reunion and Mayotte.
• In 1793 in France was invented the metric system – the decimalized way of counting and weighing.
• Tour de France, the world’s greatest cycle race, has been organized for more than 100 years.
• In 2013 France sold more electric cars than any other European country. Some car rental companies offer these cars as well.
• There are over 1 000 different types of cheese made in France.
• France has one of the highest average ages for women having their first child. At the same time France has Europe’s second highest birth rate.
• The Louvre Museum in Paris was the most visited museum in the world in 2014.