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Car Hire Finland

The car rental reviews will help you make a car reservation for an automobile hire in Finland that best suits your needs!

Located in Northern Europe, Finland is bordering Russia, Norway and Sweden. The country is characterized with modern welfare state, beautiful and well-organized small towns and vast regions of unspoiled nature with more than 188 000 lakes and islands. Finland is popular tourist destination for the Northern Lights that can be seen in the winter and the Midnight Sun that could be enjoyed in the summer. It is also the place of Lapland, where is located the home of Santa Claus.

Finland is a low and flat country that has mountains only in the north and its highest point Mount Halti raising only to 1 328 m. The country is not located on the Scandinavian Peninsula exactly, but in terms of historical and cultural heritage it is considered part of the Nordic countries. All the settlements in Finland and especially the capital Helsinki have Scandinavian features. The official languages in the country are Finnish and Swedish.

Finland is among the countries with perfectly developed technology, yet Finns prefer to spend their holidays close to nature, where their favorite pastime activities include swimming and sauna, fishing and preparing barbecues. The country is characterized by cold yet temperate climate that is mild thanks to the Gulf Stream influence. The winters are dark with temperatures that can drop to -30°C, while the summers are very short with temperatures around 20-23°C. The summer months are the best time for travelers to visit Finland. They are welcome to see the country enjoying comfortable trip thanks to the affordable car hire provided by the local and international car rental companies.

The biggest cities in Finland

Finland is divided into six provinces and several regional state administrative agencies that do not follow the cultural or geographical boundaries. The country has several main cities that tempt the travelers that are planning a holiday or just a sightseeing trip. These settlements can be reached with the available automobile hire and airport rentals and include:
• Helsinki – the capital of Finland and in fact the only real city in the country. Car rental reviews and excellent car rental services  are offered at Helsinki Airport and in the city itself.
• Hameenlinna – this is a small town by a lake, which has a medieval castle and a beautiful park.
• Turku – nice town with a cathedral and a medieval castle.
• Savonlinna – another small town near the lake with a big castle and a very popular opera festival.
• Kuopio and Jyvaskyla – small university towns in central Finland. Lappeenranta – a nice university town close to lake Saimaa and the border with Russia.
• Seinajoki – lovely small town, now hosting plenty of festivals.
• Rovaniemi – large town and gateway to Lapland.
• Tampere – large industrial town, center of music, art, culture.
• Vaasa – this town is set close to the Kvarken Archipelago, a renowned world natural site by UNESCO.

Driving in Finland

Driving in Finland is pleasant as all the settlements are well-organized and the road network is good. The public transport reaches the most popular cities in the country, yet if travelers wish to explore Finland on their own pace and from the convenience of their vehicle hire, they should better make car reservation and get one of the car rental deals that are available.

Driving in the capital city Helsinki is nice as the city is compact and easy to orient. There are not many parking spots though and they tend to be expensive. During the weekends, the parking is free. Outside the capital there is Turku highway to the west, Porvoo highway to the east, as well as Lahti and Tampere expressways to the north.

Car rental tips for Finland (insider tips)

Car rental services are possible in Finland, yet they are more expensive in general than in the rest of Europe. Even so, good car rental deals can be found and travelers looking for economy car hire will not be disappointed, especially if they are looking for an automobile hire for a longer period of stay. Here are some rules that the drivers in Finland should obey:
• The traffic is on the right.
• The roads are extensive and well maintained. No road tolls are applied.
• The headlights are obligatory throughout the day and night.
• Drivers should be on the alert at dawn and dusk for wild animals on the road.
• The numbers on the signs are valid for the weekdays; white numbers in parentheses are for Saturdays and red numbers are for Sundays and holidays.
• Car horns should be used only to prevent collision or a dangerous situation.
• The speed limits are 50 km/h in towns; 80-100 km/h outside towns and 120 km/h on freeways. From October to April the speed limits on the freeways have to be lowered to 100 and 80 km/h.
• The allowed alcohol level in the blood is 0.05%.

Mini Guide

Besides the cities already mentioned as interesting places for sightseeing and visits, there are some other destination and settlements that deserve attention. The places enumerated below can be seen by booking an advantage rental car.
• Kauhava – this is the largest amusement park in Finland;
• Levi – that is the most popular ski resort in Finland;
• Nuuksio, Pallas-Yllastunturi, Riisitunturi and Salamajarvi – several national parks that have to be seen;
• Lappajarvi – a very beautiful crater lake;
• Hyvinkaa – the place of the interesting Finnish Railway Museum.

Did you know?

• The fine for speeding depends on the amount that a person earns.
• This is the land of the thousand lakes – they are 187,888 lakes and 179 584 islands within the territory of Finland.
• Finland the land of midnight sun, as in June and July the sun shines all day and all night, never dropping below the horizon.
• In Finland the cash payments are rounded to the nearest 5 cent. Thus one and two cent coins are not widely used in the country.
• There are 2.2 million saunas in Finland or approximately 1 for every 2.5 people.