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Car Rental Copenhagen Airport

Aerial view of Copenhagen on a cloudy day

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is the largest city in Denmark along with it’s capitol. Once a Viking fishing settlement, to this day you can still evidence of Norse culture. You can visit reconstructed villages, and old castles to get a sense of what the region use to be. Copenhagen has a unique blend of modern architecture and historical influences. The Danish pride themselves on their cuisine so eat as much as you can, don’t skip dessert as you don’t want to miss out on traditional Danish chocolate.

Arriving at Copenhagen Airport

The Copenhagen International Airport is quite large with gates scattered across the entire length. The arrivals area opens up to the baggage claim for that flight, making arriving a breeze.

There are a lot of shops and dinning areas to entertain yourself at, with many options to choose from.

Due to the size of Copenhagen and the location of many attractions, it is in your best interest to rent a car. If you have not decided on a place to get your vehicle from, airportcarrental365 is a great place to find the best deal for your rental.

Copenhagen does have an expansive public transport system, should be unable to get a vehicle. Always check your timetables the day before you go out, to ensure you don’t miss a bus.

Due to the size of Copenhagen International Airport, when returning to catch your departing flight it is advised to show up two hours prior to takeoff.

Driving in Copenhagen

Driving in Copenhagen is generally not any different from driving in any other capitol, it’s pretty easy to navigate. As with any foreign travel getting a few tips can make your trip a lot nicer.

  • They drive on the right hand side of the road
  • Seat belts must be wore at all times.
  • Children under 135 cm need a car seat or booster when riding in cars.
  • Cell phones are not allowed while driving.
  • If you need to pull over for an emergency, turn on your emergency lights.
  • Parking is very expensive in city center.
  • It’s best to park at your hotel and use the bus or train while in the city center.

Tips for driving in winter

  • Check the weather forecast before going out.
  • If you see ice, slow down.
  • Use turn signals in advance so cars behind you have time to slow down.
  • Always pack extra food, water and warm clothes.

Things to do in Copenhagen

  • Nyhavn– The picturesque walk along the canal that is featured on many Copenhagen postcards. Due to the volumes of people usually also exploring this place, it is best to take a canal tour. Taking a canal tour allows you to sit back and have the view come to you, while also receiving interesting commentary on the area.
  • Rosenborg Castle– Originally built in 1606 by the Scandinavian king Christian the fifth, as a summer home. The castle has been well preserved after all these years and is open to public viewing. You will not regret spending an afternoon here, there are many floors to explore and historical treasures to see.
  • Walking Tours– The perfect way to see a bit of everything and then decide on what you want to come back an explore on your own. The tours do last around three hours so be sure bring a day pack with food and plenty of water.

Places to Eat in Copenhagen

  • Oliver and the Black Circus–  Teglgaardstraede 8A | City, Copenhagen 1452,Denmark. This modern and fairly funky restaurant is perfect the adventurous kind. Definitely not a place you go to if you’re particularly hungry as portions are small and plates are meant to be artistically presented. However, if you are in the mood for something off the beaten path that is sure to pleasantly surprise you, then this is the place to go. 
  • KalasetVendersgade 16, Copenhagen, Denmark. This cozy eatery is the place to grab a delicious pancake breakfast starting at 10 am. You’ll want to show up early as this is a popular location. Lunch and dinner are amazing as well, and Kalaset is the place to get a casual drink in the evening. You’ll met a lot of locals here. All of the food options are good, they are particularly known for their burgers.
  • Restaurant Kronborg– Brolaeggerstraede 12, Copenhagen 1211, Denmark. Great food and service, one cannot go wrong with having a bite to eat here. Serving traditional Danish food, you can really get a taste of the local culture.