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Car Hire Denmark

Affordable car hire is available for your trip to Denmark! Make most of the offered car rental tips and pick an economy car hire that will answer your needs!

Denmark is a beautiful country in Scandinavia region, which comprises of Jutland peninsula being its main part, the two major islands of Zealand and Funen and many smaller islands. The country that was once home of Vikings, today is among the modern nations, taking part in the cultural, economic and political integration of Europe.

Denmark is known for its progressive social policies, its liberal social welfare system, its commercial competiveness and its commitment to free speech. Travelers come here for sightseeing trips as the country offers a beautifully preserved cultural heritage, as well as lovely architecture.

Home to the lowest ‘highest point’ in Europe, Denmark has diverse landscapes and deep forests, coastal dunes, marshes and lakes, as well as scattered moors. The coast is varied as well with white cliffs and deserted dune areas, featuring fantastic rock scenery. Even if the public transport in the country is well-organized, the best way to explore the country and reach some of its far away areas is by getting an affordable car hire.

The biggest cities in Denmark

Denmark comprises of the Jutland peninsular and more than 400 islands, only 72 of which being populated. Approximately 40 % of the population in the country lives on the island of Zealand, the largest one in Denmark. Jutland is the European mainland of Denmark. There are situated the old holiday town of Skagen, the oldest town of Denmark – Ribe, as well as Legoland. On the island of Zealand are located the capital city of Copenhagen, as well as the Viking town of Roskilde and Elsinore, which we know from Hamlet.

The other regions of Denmark include thee vacation island of Bornholm with its beaches and roadhouse churches, Lolland-Falster region with the nature scenery Thee Cliffs of Mon, as well as the region of Funen and the Surrounding Islands where lived the famous storyteller Andersen. Many car rental companies are offering holiday car hire for the travelers that wish to explore all the regions of Denmark.

The largest cities in Denmark, which are in the focus of the travelers and wherefrom can be organized car reservation of auto hire include:

  • Copenhagen – the capital city of Denmark, home to many cultural experiences, shopping centers and landmarks.
  • Aarhus — the biggest city on the Jutland peninsular with a historic Open Air Museum presenting how the city looked like in the 1800’s. The Copenhagen Airport terminal provides interesting economy car rental deals.
  • Aalborg — a city with marvelous historic center and vibrant night life.
  • Esbjerg — the heart of the fishing industry, just a short ferry ride away from Fano island.
  • Elsinore – in that settlement is situated the castle of Kronborg from the play Hamlet.
  • Ribe – the oldest town of Denmark, with fantastically preserved medieval town and close to the National Park The Wadden Sea.
  • Among the other towns that are worth to be visited with the vehicle hire are Kalundborg, Nykobing Falster, Odense, Randers, Roskilde Ronne, Skagen, Silkeborg, and Sonderborg. All those places feature castles and palaces, as well as many historical sites.

Driving in Denmark

Denmark has direct connection to the German Autobahn E45 that passes close to Hamburg and runs along the east coast of the Jutland peninsular. In fact, many travelers that are coming to Denmark use the regular car ferries.

Traveling through Denmark with an auto hire is a highly recommended, efficient and very convenient. The so called Marguerite Route that can be taken is 35000 km long and it passes 100 important attractions in Denmark, which are marked with signs in brown.

As a rule, driving in Denmark is pleasant and easy. Any international car rental companies have offices in the country and the car reservations are simple to make. The roads are very well maintained and the locals tend to drive in accordance with the rules.

Car rental tips for Denmark (insider tips)

• There are no tolls applied in Denmark, except on two of the big bridges – Storebaetsbroen between Funen and Zealand and Oresundsbron between Malmo and Copenhagen.
• The speed limits in Denmark allow 50 km/h in the cities, 80 km/h outside the built-up areas and 130 km/h on the motorways. Around cities, inter-island bridges and major junctions, the speed limits are 110 km/h or even lower.
• The driving across the oversea bridges requires greater attention, as the vehicle hire can be subject of very strong winds.
• Seatbelts are compulsory and children under 135 cm and 3 years of age should use safety seats, adapted to their weight and height.
• The headlights should always be switched on, no matter the weather conditions.
• The allowed percent of alcohol in the bloodstream is 0.05. Drunk driving is not tolerated.

Mini Guide

Besides the main cities and settlements already mentioned, Denmark has other beautiful sites that should be seen as well and which can be easily approached with the available car rental deals. These include:
• Anholt – the secluded island and one of the largest seal populations in the region of Scandinavia.
• Ertholmene – small group of islands with a large bird reserve.
• Hirsholm –small island with high population of birds and fantastic beaches.
• Laeso – the island of sand dunes and farmhouses with seaweed roofs.
• Samso – the greenest island of Denmark, home to a large music festival.
• Billund – with the Legoland theme park, great for kids.

Did you know?

• Pickled herring and salty licorice are specialties and the locals love them.
• The Danes have a great sense of humor and irony and they have been rated as the happiest people on earth for two years in a row.
• You will not find a word for ‘please’ in the Danish language.
• Acknowledged in 1219, the Danish flag is the oldest state flag in the world.
• Denmark is the home of Lego.
• Bicycles are very popular in Copenhagen and in the entire country.