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Car Hire Cyprus

Holiday car hire is available for your trip to Cyprus! Have a look at the car rental tips and make most of the available car rental deals provided by the onsite car rental companies!

The third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, the beautiful Cyprus is situated south of Turkey. Geographically the island is in Asia, yet politically Cyprus is a European country and as such is a member of the European Union. Since 1960, Cyprus is independent from the United Kingdom and has Greek Cypriot majority and the Turkish Cypriot minority, which resulted in clashes and in the occupation of the northern and eastern 40% of the island by Turkey. Ever since 1983 there is a Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which however is recognized only by Turkey. Today there is a buffer zone between the two ethnic groups and for some time now hostilities are absent, while the country goes towards reunification.


The island of Cyprus has a central plan with mountains and temperate Mediterranean climate with hot and humid summer months and cool winter days. Cyprus is a favorite holiday destination with many days of sunshine and excellent conditions for water sports. It is quite vast in territory, so getting a holiday car hire is advisable. That can happen from the airport terminal or can be organized in advance with car reservation from the local and international car rental companies that operate on the island.


The biggest cities in Cyprus 

Cyprus comprises of six administrative regions that are named after their main city. These are Famagusta district, Larnaca district, Limassol district, as well as Paphos district and Nicosia district. As of 1974 Kyrenia district, part of Famagusta district and the northern side of Nicosia district are occupied by the Turkish forces and administered by them. At the same time, the United Kingdom keeps two small overseas territories – Dhekelia and Akrotiri, where are to be found several villages and two military bases.

The cities of Cyprus come with variety in their names, yet they are known to the tourists with the following English spellings:

  • Nicosia – the divided capital of the island. There are concentrated most of the cultural sites and historical landmarks of the island. The choice of nice restaurants and cafes here is impressive as well.
  • Larnaca – this is the oldest city in Cyprus. It features a well-preserved Old Town and a modern area with hotels, restaurants and pubs. Possible automobile rental at Larnaca Airport.
  • Limassol – that is the second largest city on the island, featuring an important sea port. The city is a major tourist destination with cosmopolitan feel, historical center with an old town and old port area and plenty of places for dining out and recreation.
  • Paphos – the birthplace of the Greek goddess Aphrodite is a lovely town at the southwestern tip of the island, placed between the coast and the Troodos Mountains. Look at the cheap car rentals at Paphos Airport.

All those settlements could be explored by advantage rental car options that are available thanks to the car rental companies operating in Cyprus.


Driving in Cyprus

Getting a holiday car hire for a trip to Cyprus is important since driving in the country is a necessity, proving that the public transport services are not available in all areas and at all times. The roads in Cyprus that connect the towns with the villages are wide and well-maintained and there are motorways with four lanes that connect the major towns such as Nicosia, Larnaca, Paphos, Ayia Napa. The minor roads are also kept in good condition. The mountain roads are usually close during the winter.


When driving their automobile hire in Cyprus, the drivers should always have sunglasses nearby, as the daylight can be blinding, especially during the summer months.


Car rental tips for Cyprus (insider tips)

Boking an economy car rental is the easiest way to get around the island of Cyprus and explore all its beauties. Here are some rules that the drivers should keep in mind:

  • The Cypriots drive on the left side of the road and overtake is on the right. The driving skills of the locals are not of high standards as they drive aggressively and Cyprus has the country has one of the highest rates of road fatality.
  • The driving age is 18 and plus.
  • The valid national driving licenses are recognized.
  • Since some main roads and junctions have no signs, drivers should always give way to vehicles that are coming from the right.
  • The speed limit in the towns is 50 km/h, on the country roads – 65 km/h, on national roads – 80 km/h and on highways it is max. 100 km/h.
  • The usage of seat belts is compulsory both on the front and on the rear seats of cars.
  • A lot of stopping distance has to be provided. Horns can be used.

Mini Guide

Travelers visit the island of Cyprus for its beaches and long days of sunshine, for the tasty food and the numerous historical landmarks. Most of the places are to be reached with the available economy car hire. Some of the sites that deserve special attention in Cyprus include:

  • Troodos Mountains – that is the mountainous region of Troodos that provides a range of activities and agro tourism destinations. There are to be found 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. And also the villages of Platres, Kakopetria, Chandria, Palaichori, Spilia.
  • Lefkara – that is the so called Lace village placed at the foothills of the Troodos Mountains. The charming town is situated in the center of Cyprus island.
  • Protaras – this is a holiday resort, characterized with sandy beaches and clear sky-blue waters, and known for the Fig Tree Bay.
  • Ayia Napa – being the main party town of Cyprus
  • Akamas Peninsula.

Did you know?

  • Cyprus is called the Island of Love, being the birthplace of the Greek goddess of love – Aphrodite.
  • The Republic of Cyprus was not born until 1960.
  • The summers are very long lasting up to eight months.
  • Holiday makers can go skiing and lying on the beach on the same trip. The island has gorgeous beaches and the Troodos Mountains.
  • Cyprus is home to the famous Mount Olympus, known from the Greek mythology as the home of the gods.
  • The local food and wine are incredible.