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Car Rental Oslo Airport

New Holmenkollen ski jump in Oslo Norway

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Need Car Rental Oslo Airport?

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The third largest city in Scandinavia, Oslo is also the capital and biggest city of Norway. Its status is for an economic, political and cultural center of the country. Since Oslo spreads over an area of 453, this makes it the largest capital in the world and since most of it is forest, it is also the greenest one, where locals and travelers get the chance to stay close to nature.


Oslo is amphitheatrically positioned, with the city center located in the middle and all the residential districts placed uphill and surrounding in all direction. It is a center of the maritime trade in Europe and home to some of the largest shipping companies in the world. It is also a pilot city for the Council of Europe.


Arriving at Oslo Airport

Since it is large in size, the city of Oslo is served by three airports and these are:

  • Oslo Airport (Gardermoen) – being the largest one and a main international gateway to Norway. This airport is placed 47 km outside the city center and is the sixth-largest domestic airport in Europe. Oslo Airport is the hub for Scandinavian Airplines, Norwegian Air Shuttle and also Wideroe.
  • Sandefjord Airport (Torp), placed 110 km from the city serving the low-cost carriers.
  • Moss Airport (Rygge), serving the low-cost carriers.


Oslo Airport provides all facilities needed by the travelers, including airport shuttle services and airport rentals. Great deal of the rental car companies have their own onsite offices there. Excellent car rental deals for exploring Oslo are available from website airportcarrental365.


Driving in Oslo

Some of the motorways pass through the downtown area of Oslo and others pass in tunnels. The major roads used in Oslo are E18 and European Route E6. In addition, there are three beltways. Since there are many trams, parking the rental vehicle far from the rails is important.


Drivers of auto hire should know that they will be charged every time they drive into the city. All toll plazas in Oslo are automatic and the vehicles should drive through and not stop. The drivers will be charged on their AutoPass tag.


The general speed limit in Oslo is 80 km/h, with 50 km/h allowed in the towns and villages. The traffic is calm and the drivers are well disciplined and abiding the laws. The rules are enforced strictly and fins are issued for risky driving.


Things To Do & See in Oslo

Oslo is a very beautiful city and has plenty to offer to the travelers. As it is a large city too, the finest and most comfortable way to explore it is by organizing a vehicle rental. Here are the landmarks in Oslo that should not be missed:

  • Royal Palace with inside tours during the summer. Tickets for the tour should be bought in advance from any post office.
  • Oslo Cathedral has been recently refurbished. It placed on square Stortorget, and is a center for afterthought and compassion.
  • Opera House with its modern architecture, being shaped as a glacier or a ship and giving a stunning impression. In the summer the tourists can climb the building on the marble slopes and enjoy a great view towards Oslo.
  • University of Oslo, which currently hosts just the Faculty of Law, features concerts arranged in the magnificent Universities Aula, featuring 11 of Edvard Munch’s pictures.
  • Munch Museum, with paintings by the Norwegian painter Edward Munch.
  • National Gallery, revealing a great deal of Norwegian art from the national-romantic period, and also some art by international artists.
  • Nobel Peace Centre, featuring confronting exhibitions and also an interesting exhibit for every winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.


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