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Sudbury Airport Car Rental

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The city of Sudbury is situated in Northern Ontario and is the largest city in that part of Canada in terms of population and area. The weather in Sudbury is typical for the Canadian Shield locations and has cold winters and hot summers. Thanks to that the city is famous for its outdoor recreation opportunities with plenty of lakes, rock hills and forests around.


Sudbury is home to various communities including Italian, French, Finnish, Polish, etc. The city is bilingual and all the services, as well as the road names are available in English and in French. Travelers will be pleasantly surprised by the Bridge of Nations and their multicultural heritage, which is featuring the flags of every world nation that is represented in the city.


Arriving at Sudbury Airport

The Greater Sudbury Airport is served by Air Canada Jazz which handles six daily flights in and out of Pearson International Airport in Toronto. Flights are provided also from Ottawa, North Bay, Timmins, Kauskasing, etc. The airport has two runways and is served by three regional carrier lines. It has an airport terminal, that is well organized and has various facilities, including an airport car parking, an airport shuttle service and airport rental by the onsite offices of the car rental companies. Thanks to the website airportcarrental365 travelers can now organize online their airport rental in advance of their trip to Sunbury city.


The airport is further serviced to the center of the city thanks to an intercity train and a public bus.


Driving in Sudbury

Driving in Sudbury and in Canada in general could be very pleasant. It is similar to the driving in the United States, yet there are a few differences:

  • The distances and speeds are in metric units.
  • The maximum speed limit in Canada is 50 km/hr in cities and 80km/hr on highways, as well as 100 km/hr on rural highways.
  • Some signs, particularly in Québec, may be in French.
  • Car hire insurance is required and obligatory.
  • The seat belts are mandatory for all passengers.
  • Child car seats should be used for children under 40 pounds.
  • The headlights should be on during the day.
  • At intersections, directional signs will indicate only which turn is allowed; any other turn is prohibited.
  • Rapid lane-changes without signaling and tailgating are common.
  • The drivers should be cautious of elk, deer and moose, especially if driving at night and in the areas outside the cities.
  • The winter travel can be dangerous as there are heavy snowfalls and ice on the roads. In addition, some of the bridges and roads are often closed during the winter.
  • Drink driving is considered a great offense and the penalties are heavy.


Things to Do & See in Sudbury

The beautiful city of Sudbury is a perfect base for eco-tourism, as it features many lakes, forests and rocky hills spread throughout. Some of these include:



Other places that deserve attention in the city include:

  • The Art Gallery of Sudbury – with regular exhibitions of historical and contemporary Canadian art.
  • La Galerie du Nouvel Ontario – with contemporary and experimental Canadian art, and focus on French Canadian artists.
  • The Sudbury Theatre Centre – presenting comedy and drama, including works by Canadian playwrights, throughout the year.
  • The Centre franco-ontarien de folklore – home to the world’s largest collection of Franco-Ontarian books, documents and cultural heritage.
  • The grounds of Science North with Cortina – a boat with cruise tours of the beautiful Lake Ramsey, once the largest lake in the world.
  • Dynamic Earth – an earth sciences exhibition, where is located the Big Nickel – Sudbury’s most famous landmark.
  • Bell Park – beautiful park and amphitheater on the shore of Lake Ramsey.



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