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Moncton Airport Car Rental

Bench along riverside path

Moncton Airport Car Rental, find the best deal on your rental vehicle after comparing top companies prices.

Moncton, Canada

Nicknamed the Hub City, due to it’s location situated right in the Petitcodiac River valley, Moncton is in the center of the Maritime Providence. Initially settled in 1766 by Dutch immigrants, it was not incorporated until roughly 1855. Also once a major wooden ship building port awhile back, the economy crumbled and has been rebuilding itself ever since. The economy is now stable due to it’s thriving businesses in transportation and call centers.

Arriving at Moncton Airport

The Greater Moncton International Airport has only four gates and is easy to navigate. There are signs that will lead you to your destination. The airport itself is very tiny, offering quick check in’s, security screenings, and boarding lines. The dinning and shopping options are very limited due to the size of the airport.

There is an escalator that will take you down to the car park in order to pick up your rental vehicle. If you have not chosen a place to rent a car, airportcarrental365 is great place to get a good deal on your vehicle.

Should you be unable to obtain a car, there are taxis and airport shuttles that run frequently.

Driving In Moncton

Driving in Moncton is like driving in any other city, these tips should make your travels here go smoothly.

  • Drive on the right hand side of the road.
  • Keep right except to pass.
  • Traffic inside the roundabout (rotary) has the right of way.
  • You have a free right turn on red, if no oncoming traffic is approaching
  • You have a free left turn on red if you are turning onto a one way street.
  • Drinking and driving is strictly enforced.
  • Watch out for cyclist, they share the roads.
  • Check for cyclist before opening your car door.
  • Children under 135 cm must be in the backseat, with a car seat or booster.
  • Always pre-navigate your route.
  • Carry change with you to feed the parking meters.

Things to do in Moncton

  • Roads to Sea Guided Tour– The best way to see some of Canada’s famous wildlife. The Guides are very passionate about their country, and knowledgeable about it’s ecosystems and wildlife. This will be an experience you’ll remember for years to come. While on the tour remember to bring plenty of water, food, and proper footwear.
  • Magic Mountain– If you are traveling to Moncton during the warmers months, this is a perfect place to cool down. Magic Mountain is a large water park, with many water slides to spend the day on. Perfect for families, couples, or friends everyone is sure to have a great time. The park also offers a large wave pool, and long lazy river to float down.
  • Capitol Theatre– Set in an old theatre built around the 1920’s, this is a exceptional place to catch a live show. Performances have high reviews. The architecture itself is worth going there alone. If you don’t want to sit through a show, feel free to show up and look around the inside just to see it’s beauty.

Places to eat in Moncton

  • Carboni Bistro– 1 Factory Ln | Marvens Building, Moncton, New Brunswick E1C 1N4, Canada. This quaint bistro offers authentic Italian cuisine. All meals are made by hand from fresh and local produce. You can’t ask for better quality food then what you’ll eat here. This is a family owned eatery, and the family themselves are new to the area from Italy. 
  • St. James Gate 14 Church Street, Moncton, New Brunswick  E1C 4Y9,Canada. This local favorite has written right on it’s sign “good food & spirits” and that is exactly what they serve. All the food here is excellent, and they have many craft beers to choose from that will complete your meal. 
  • Olyo Restaurant 42 Highfield Street, Moncton, New Brunswick E1C 5N3,Canada. Really great food in a beautiful restaurant. If you want to go somewhere classy that won’t break your budget, then this is the place to go. The food is served in gracious quantities, with an expansive wine list to find the perfect pairing for your meal.