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Car Rental Sudbury Airport

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Placed in Northern Ontario, Sudbury city is the biggest and most populous settlement in this part of Canada. The area around the city is known for its numerous lakes, rock hills and forests. That is why the travelers come to Sudbury for practicing various outdoor recreation activities and sports. Since the city of Sudbury is one of the Canadian Shield locations, its weather is typical for the area, which means cold winters and hot summers.


The area has different communities of French, Italian, Polish, Finnish people. It is bilingual and thus all the road signs and the services offered are in French and in English. A symbol of that variety and multicultural society is the Bridge of Nations, which presents the flags of all nations, which have their representatives in the city.


Arriving at Sudbury Airport

The official name of the airport is Greater Sudbury Airport. The airport has two runways and is served by three regional carrier lines. Onsite operates the air carrier Air Canada Jazz, providing six daily flights from and to Pearson International Airport in Toronto. Additional flights are handled from North Bay and Ottawa, Timmins and Kauskasing, etc.


The Sudbury airport terminal comes with different facilities including airport car parking and offices of the car rental companies. The city and all its accommodation spots, dining places and landmarks can be reached with the available airport shuttle service and the offered airport rental that is available. Those travelers to Sudbury that wish to organize their airport rental in advance can do so through the website airportcarrental365. Another option for reaching the city is through the public bus and the intercity train.


Driving in Sudbury

Driving in Sudbury city is stress free and can be nice and pleasant. The road conditions and regulations are similar to the ones in the United States. This is what the drivers should be careful about:

  • All distances and speeds are in metric units.
  • The Canadian speed limits are: 50 km/h in cities and 80km/h on highways, as well as 100 km/h on rural highways.
  • Some of the road signs may be in French.
  • The seat belts are mandatory for all passengers.
  • Child car seats should be used for children under 40 pounds.
  • Car hire insurance is required and obligatory.
  • Car headlights should be on during the day.
  • Drink driving is prohibit and heavy penalties are applied.
  • At intersections, directional signs will indicate only which turn is allowed; that means that any other turn is prohibited.
  • Drivers from other countries should be aware that rapid lane-changes are quite common.
  • Presence of elk, deer and moose on the roads at night and outside the cities are something common. The drivers should be cautious of them!
  • Travelling in the winter can be dangerous due to heavy snowfalls and ice. Some of the bridges and roads are often closed during the winter.



Things to Do & See in Sudbury

Sudbudy is a wonderful city, ideal for trips close to nature, as it is surrounded by forests and lakes, as well as by rocky hills. Some of the places that need to be seen here include:



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