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Calgary Car Rental Airport

City Sky Line at Dawn Calgary

Calgary Car Rental Airport, make a car hire comparison, then book the advantage rental car that best suits your needs! Plan a great stay in Calgary, Canada!


Looking For Calgary Car Rental Airport?

Getting an automobile hire is very convenient. Please, let us know when you plan to take and then leave the car at Calgary Airport and we will assist you.


Calgary is the largest city of Alberta province in Canada, at the confluence of the Elbow River and the Bow River. It is considered to be the eastern gateway to the Rocky Mountains, as well as a tourism center for the western prairies. The city of Calgary is an interesting destination and a starting point for accessing Jasper and Banff. It is also the center of the largest metropolitan region between the cities of Vancouver and Toronto. Calgary is a multicultural city with plenty to offer in terms of art, history and culture.


Arriving at Calgary Airport

The city is served by Calgary International Airport, which has on terminal that is very easy to navigate. It is served by numerous international and domestic carriers among which being Air Canada and American Airlines, WestJet and British Airways, Alaska Airlines, KLM and Delta, Unite and Thomas Cook Airlines. The airport features different facilities and has a volunteer force of retirees that are happy to help.


Calgary Airport is connected to the center of the city through airport shuttle services and airport rentals. Onsite can be found the offices of several rental car companies. The finest car rental deals are to be found on the website airportcarrental365 which can also secure car hire insurance.


Driving in Calgary

Driving in Canada is usually pleasant and Calgary city is very easy to navigate. The drivers should know that the country uses the metric system and the allowed speed limit on the streets is around 50 km/h, while on most of the major roads it is up to 80 km/h. Naturally, on the highways to Banff and Edmonton, one can drive up to 120 km/h and on the Deerfoot Trail you can drive 100 km/h. Near the schools, parks and playground areas the allowed speed is 30 km/h.

  • Drivers can use a valid driver’s license for 3 months.
  • The car rental services are allowed only to people above 21 years of age. Car rental under 21 is not allowed.
  • Car hire insurance is needed as well.
  • Right turns may be made on red lights unless otherwise posted.
  • Seat belts and car seats for children are obligatory.
  • Drinking and driving is not allowed.


Things To Do & See in Calgary

The city of Calgary is very beautiful and has plenty of interesting attractions. Some of them include:

  • Prince’s Island Park, which is the largest inner city park set on an island with a number of pleasant trails for walking and relaxing.
  • Calgary Tower – it reveals a great view over the city and the surroundings. On a clear day the visitors can even see the Rockies to the west. The tower has an observation deck, a revolving gourmet restaurant and a bar.
  • The historic district of Stephen Avenue Walk – a major venue for boutique shopping, bars, pubs and restaurants, no traffic throughout most of the day.
  • Olympic Plaza on the public square – built for the medal presentations during the Winter Olympic Games of 1998.
  • Glenbow Museum – that is the largest museum in Western Canada, focusing on art and distant cultures.
  • Calgary Zoo – with more than 1 000 animals from all over the world, a Botanical Garden and a Prehistoric Park.
  • Fort Calgary Historic Park – this is the oldest historic monument in the city.


Other suburban attractions that can be found nearby and which can be easily reached with the economy car rental, include:

  • Canada Olympic Park – with its ski jump area, four runs, half-pipe and rail park, on-site museum, the Canadian Olympic Hall Of Fame and the new Canada Sports Hall of Fame, etc.
  • Baitun-Nur Mosque – situated in the north-east area of Calgary, the biggest mosque in all of North America.
  • Heritage Park – this is one of the largest living historical villages in North America, spreading on 66 acres of land and placed near the Glenmore Reservoir. It features 155 historical exhibits, a working Steam Engine, old fashioned amusement park, a candy store and bakery, and a paddlewheel boat.


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