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Car Hire Canada

Do you plan a trip to Canada? Consider the available car rental deals and enjoy a comfortable vehicle rental at a reasonable price! Contact us today for a car booking!

Canada is so large in terms of territory that it is the biggest country in North America and the second largest one in the world after Russia. The country is renowned for its vast and beautifully preserved landscape and its interesting blend of cultures. Canada is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and is among the main tourist destinations.

Since Canada is so popular and at the same time has such a vast territory, most of the travelers prefer the car rental services as a way to explore all the natural beauties, historical landmarks and cultural sites. That is why many international and local car rental companies are offering a serious fleet of rental vehicles and useful car rental tips.

Canada is a country that is happy with its British heritage even if it is independent from the United Kingdom since 1931. The locals enjoy high quality of life and are known to be a melting pot of cultures, ethnicities, languages and also history. The country has six time zones and in general has short but hot summers and cold winters with a lot of snow and high wind.

The biggest cities in Canada

Exploring all attractions of Canada in just one visit is very ambitious and overwhelming plan, even if the trip will last for a month. Even if an economy car rental is organized from the airport rentals or from one of the numerous car rental companies, the drive from one end of Canada to the other will take up to 10 days and that does not include the sightseeing. Canada has six main regions and nine large cities that are worth to be visited:
• Ottawa – is the national capital of Canada located in Eastern Ontario. Here are situated the Parliament Hill, the ByWard Market and numerous national museums. The easiest way to see all of the attractions is by getting an  automobile hire  at Ottawa Airport.
• Calgary – modern city, home of the Calgary Stampede and the ranching heritage celebration. In the city are to be seen the Calgary Zoo and the Calgary Tower, as well as the Canada Olympic Park. It is a base for visiting the Canadian Rockies and Banff, which are an hour away. Quality car rental offered at Calgary Airport is available here.
• Halifax – here is situated the second largest natural harbor in the world. The city tempts travelers with its rich history and beautiful colonial architecture. Vehicle hire is not necessary here as the city is compact in size. The main sites here include Canadian Museum of the Atlantic, the Citadel Hill, the Public Gardens, and Pier 21.
• Montreal – a huge metropolis Montreal is among the unique cities in North America multilingual and cultural center with fantastic festivals. Montreal provides excellent car rental deals is offered here.
• Quebec City – the settlement has fantastic Old City with grand winter festival. Travelers enjoy its marvelous architecture and its charming European atmosphere.
• Toronto – that is the biggest city in Canada, cultural and economic center with diversity of landmarks, numerous neighborhoods with quality shopping and cuisine. Make a car booking at Toronto Airport here.
• Vancouver – modern and very well organized this city has mild climate and offers many outdoor activities including access to beach and ski slopes. The city provides rental vehicles  in the city and at the Vancouver airport.
• Whitehorse – this is the starting point to many outdoor activities in the far north of Canada.
• Winnipeg – this city is known for its cultural scene, the Royal Canadian Mint, the Exchange District old skyscrapers and the Forks. Car rental reviews and auto hire are available.

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Driving in Canada

The driving in Canada is on the right side of the road and the road conditions are very, very good. The locals practice safe, even defense driving but tend to speed up on the open roads. These are some facts that the travelers should know if they plan to use of the car rental deals that are available:
• The speed signs are in kilometers and the general speed limits in the urban areas are for 50 km/h and for the motorways are 100 km/h.
• The seat belts in Canada are compulsory for the driver and for the other people in the car.
• Car rental insurance is compulsory when making a car reservation.
• Drinking and driving is forbidden.
• The pedestrians have to be given way on the pedestrian crossings.
• The accepted license in Canada is the International Driving Permit.

Car rental tips for Canada

Canada is a beautiful country with many great places to be seen such as the urban Montreal, the modern Vancouver, the impressive Niagara Falls, etc. With the best car hire and the right car rental tips, the trip to Canada could turn into an exciting vacation:
• Canadian roads have horizontal traffic lights. The left turns have separate traffic light. For right turns there is usually an offshoot starting before the turn.
• The right turns on right light are possible if no other cars are to be seen.
• The speed limits are lower than in the United Kingdom.
• The traffic in the big cities is usually on the main roads in the early morning hours and late afternoon hours when people are heading to or coming back from work.
• When at uncontrolled intersections the drivers should give way to traffic on the right.

Mini Guide

Besides the main cities of Canada, among the other interesting natural parks that can be seen in the country and reached with the holiday car hire are:
• Niagara Falls
• Algonquin Park
• Cape Breton Island
• Banff National Park
• Jasper National Park
• Waterton Lakes National Park
• The Interlake Area
• Terra Nova National Park
• Saint John River Valley

Did you know?

• The Canadian Head of State is Queen Elizabeth II.
• The lowest temperature ever in North America was measured in Canada.
• Basketball was invented by a Canadian.
• 10% of the World’s Forest is in Canada.
• Canada has the 9th lowest population density on the planet.