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Driving in Rio de Janeiro and in most of the large cities in Brazil is a necessity and offers convenient and comfortable trip, despite the large fleet of cars. The city of Rio is served by a network of expressways, including Linha Amarela and Linha Vermelha, Avenida das Américas and Avenida Infante Dom Henrique. Despite that fact, however, traffic jams in the rush-hour of the city, which are quite frequent especially during the working days and in the neighborhoods of Laranjeiras, Copacabana, Tijuca and Botafogo. Even so by using holiday car hire the travelers might are able to reach some distant places like Grumari beach.

Drivers should try to avoid the rush-hour traffic jams in some of the A wise thing would be to get an airport map and a GPS device too. Further to know is that between 7 and 10 am on weekday mornings, the traffic flow of one highway on the Ipanema and Copacabana beachfront roads s reversed, which means that the traffic on those roads flows in the same direction, towards the city. Further to that, on Sundays the highway closest to the beach is closed and is used by pedestrians, cyclists, skateboarders and skaters.

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The Highways

Just like in Rio de Janeiro, in the rest of Brazil the interstate transportation is done by road. That is why car rental Brazil is very popular. Rio de Janeiro is connected to many of its neighboring cities by roads. Yet, the access can be confusing since there are not many traffic signs or other indications about reaching each destination. For that reason, a good airport map or a GPS device is a must-have in the holiday car hire. The quality of the highways has improved significantly, yet this naturally led to an increase in the toll fees.

The main interstate highways that pass through the city of Rio de Janeiro, include:

  • BR-116 – also called Rodovia Presidente Dutra, connecting the city to the southern region of Brazil
  • BR-101 – connections to the north and northwest
  • BR-040 – connections to the central and western areas.

Driving in Rio de Janeiro

Driving in the city of Rio de Janeiro can be quite frustrating, even when the driver knows his way around. The busy city has traffic jams and parking problems and is local police is strictly applying the drink-driving laws, applying a serious fine for drivers with more than 0.6 % alcohol content in the blood. Rio de Janeiro is famous for the changing police checkpoints, which are set up around the city.

Car Rental Brazil

Getting a car rental in Brazil and especially in the city of Rio de Janeiro is quite simple. The drivers can make a car reservation online and in advance through the website They will need a driver’s license, a credit card and a passport and are welcome to see the beautiful city of Rio using the cheap car rentals provided by the car rental companies. Some of these companies require the drivers to be at least 25 years of age, yet some of the companies offer car hire to younger drivers against an added fee. The travelers should know that the car hire insurance is obligatory in the country and offered in all offices of the car rental companies.

“The prices are higher during the peak season and cheaper during the low season just like the hotel prices.”

Most of the car rental companies in Rio de Janeiro have their offices at the airport terminals, where travelers can choose from Hertz car rental, Unidas car rental and Localiza car rental. Others have vehicle hire available along Avenue Princesa Isabel in Copacabana.

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