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Car Rental Barbados Airport

Beuatiful Barbados Beach

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Barbados is a small but very beautiful Caribbean island, situated northwest of Venezuela. Once a British colony, today the island is a sovereign country in the Lesser Antilles, but has kept part of its British atmosphere mixed with the flavor of the Caribbean and is sometimes referred to as Little Britain. The island of Barbados is only 34 km long and 23 km wide, featuring an area of 432 It is placed 1pproximately 100 km east of the Windward Islands and the Caribbean Sea and 400 km north from Trinidad and Tobago, staying outside of the main hurricane belt in the Atlantic.


A major tourist destination, Barbados has wonderful nature and plenty of attractions. The best way to see them is by using car rental services.

Arriving at Barbados Airport

There is only one airport that serves the island of Barbados and that is Sir Grantley Adams International Airport. It receives dozens of flights by several major airline companies and several charter flights and smaller airlines. Most of the airplanes come from the United States, UK and Canada. The airport also serves as the air hub for the eastern Caribbean. Helicopter shuttle service and air taxi services are also offered to many parts of the island, especially on the west coast area.


Sir Grantley Adams International Airport is positioned 13 km from Bridgetown in eastern direction. The airport terminal has different facilities such as airport car parking, airport rentals and airport shuttle. Those that want to come prepared, can book their vehicle rental in advance by visiting the website airportcarrental365. The access to the cities could also be done with buses and minibuses.


Driving in Barbados

The island of Barbados is not large in size, yet the trip from its south-eastern point at St. Philip to its north-central point at St. Lucy can last for 90 minutes and even longer. That is so as the road condition is poor, the roads are narrow and the registered cars are far too many. Even so, getting one of the cheap car rentals is a good way to explore the island. This is what the drivers should know:

  • The driving in Barbados is on the left.
  • In general, the auto hire is expensive, unless you book online through the website airportcarrental365 and get a discount.
  • The roads often have steep inclines, bumps and sharp turns.
  • Pedestrians are often walking on the streets as there are no sidewalks.
  • The road signs can be confusing and a GPS device and a good map are needed.


Things to Do & See in Barbados

There are plenty of things that holiday makers can do and see in this major tourist destination. On the west coast of the island are to be found many luxurious resorts, while in the interior of the island are placed several interesting historical sites. Here is a list of the possible attractions:

  • Visit the Harrison’s Cave – an underground cave with stalagmites, stalactites, pools and small waterfalls.
  • Enjoy the Botanical Garden – it comes with detailed fauna information which makes the place even more interesting.
  • Go to the Mount Gay Rum Distillery Ltd. – the 45 min tour includes rum tasting on the bar in a veranda. Lunch tours are also available but more expensive.
  • Watch cricket – experience west indies cricket.
  • Watch surfing at the Soup Bowl on the east coast
  • Visit south coast for great surfing and world windsurfing tour at Silver Sands.
  • Travel to the plantation houses inland.
  • Practice scuba diving, swimming with sea turtles, playing golf.