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Car Hire Barbados

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The breathtakingly beautiful island of Barbados is located in the Caribbean Ocean, placed in northwestern direction of Venezuela. Often called the ‘Little Britain’, Barbados was once a British colony. Today the country is a sovereign state in the Lesser Antilles. The country has preserved its British atmosphere; however, it comes with a mixture of Caribbean spirit as well. The island of Barbados is a delightful holiday destination which offers numerous attractions. It is best to be explored in the comfort of an affordable car hire with plenty of car rental deals offered by the local and the international car rental companies operating in the region.

Exploring Barbados

The Barbados Island is just 23 km wide and only 34 km long, providing the country with a territory of 432 sq.m. It is located outside the main hurricane belt in the Atlantic and is approximately 100 km east of the Caribbean Sea and the Windward Islands. At the same time it is some 400 km north from Trinidad and Tobago. The island features airport rental services, as well as offices of vehicle rental agencies in the cities and resorts of the country.

It is believed that the island got its name from the Portuguese explorer Pedro Campos in 1536 after the fig trees on the island as their long and hanging aerial roots looked like beards. The island was officially settled by the British in 1627 and once sugarcane was planted there the place became a profitable colony. Throughout the 20th century, the economy of Barbados was heavily dependent on rum, sugar and molasses. Today the country is stable, democratic and with high rate of literacy.

The biggest cities of Barbados

Barbados island comprises of eleven parishes and four main regions. They go as follows:
• Bridgetown – this region covers the capital city of Barbados, along with the surrounding areas in the parish of Saint Michael.
• Central Eastern Barbados – here are positioned the parishes of Saint John, Saint Andrew, Saint Joseph, Saint George and Saint Thomas. It is set on the Atlantic side of the island.
• Southern Barbados – it includes the parishes of Saint Philip and Christ Church, as well as the International Airport Grantley Adams and the lively area with restaurants of St. Lawrence Gap.
• Western Barbados – in this area are located the parishes of Saint Peter, Saint James, and Saint Lucy. This Caribbean Sea side also has the main settlements of Holetown and Speightstown.

All those cities can be reached with the available car rental deals at Barbados Airport.

Driving in Barbados

Since Barbados is not such a large island, travelers are often surprised to find out that the trip from its north-central point placed near St. Lucy to its south-eastern point placed at St. Philip lasts for as long as an hour and a half. There is an explanation for that and it hides in the poor road conditions, the narrow streets and the large number of vehicles. However, the car rental coupons remain the most comfortable way to explore the country. The holiday makers that plan to make a car reservation for their stay in Barbados, should be aware that:
• In Barbados the driving is on the left side of the road.
• As a rule, the vehicle rental is expensive, but travelers can get some really good car rental deals if they do a car reservation online and in advance.
• In Barbados one can see many pedestrians walking on the streets since no sidewalks are available.
• The road signs in Barbados can be quite confusing, thus a GPS device would be handy.
• The roads in Barbados come with bumps, steep inclines, and sharp turns.

Car rental tips for Barbados

• Getting an auto hire is the best way to explore the island of Barbados no matter its size, as it has a great diversity of landscapes.
• Great trip to Barbados includes a day in the countryside, driving to the north or east coasts.
• With an affordable car hire the travelers can visit 18th century the historic plantation houses and meet the local potters.
• Using a proper economy car rental, travelers can reach the more secluded beaches of Barbados, famous for their crystal waters and endless watersport opportunities.
• By getting an automobile rental, travelers can reach the Oistins Fish Fry restaurant and the night clubs at the St. Lawrence Gap.

Mini Guide

Holiday makers who decide to visit Barbados will be pleased to find out that the island has delightful weather throughout the year. The country is among the top tourist destinations as it features many and very luxurious leisure resorts and well preserved historical sites in the interior of the country. The island of Barbados is a great place to visit and is easy to be explored with the available car rental deals. The possible attractions available here include:
• Enjoying the sites for swimming with sea turtles and scuba diving, playing golf experience and watching West Indies cricket games.
• Go to the south coast for great surfing and watch the windsurfing tour at Silver Sands and at the Soup Bowl on the east coast.
• Pay a visit to the plantation houses located inland.
• Go on a trip to the underground Harrison’s Cave to see its waterfalls and pools, stalagmites and stalactites.
• Go to the Rum Distillery Mount Gay, placed 45 min drive with an auto hire for rum tasting and special lunch tours.
• Go to the Botanical Garden, which comes with many animals and detailed fauna information that makes the place even more interesting.

Did you know?

• The name Barbados comes from ‘bearded fig trees’ that were once abundant on the island.
• The country has never been invaded by a foreign power.
• Barbados is fully surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.
• Barbados is where the famous singer Rihanna was born. She moved from the island to the United States at the age of 16 in pursue of her music career.
• The island was chosen by Tiger Woods for his wedding in 2004.